Asbo Barbie

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I couldn’t have thought this up myself!
Asbo Barbie!
From Private Eye

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Do you know what? I really don’t like Fernando Alonso either. Just when we finally get to say ‘adios’ to Mr Schumacher, his baby brother turns up in the form of Alonso. If anything – and I didn’t even think this was possible – he seems even worse. The tantruming bratty little brother. I mean, blackmailing his boss just cos he can’t handle being beaten by a rookie. It’s almost enough for me to start supporting Raikkonen again!

(Pic by emilgh)

Warning: the rest of this entry is kinda crude!

Oh here’s a good one. This is really old, mind. I didn’t plagiarise this from Glenda Slagg, honest!

Glynda Slutt


  • Kimi Räikkönen?!?!?!! Arenchajusickofhim?!?! Who does he think he is, a-flashin’ and a-fleshin’ after he’s been a-drinkin’ and a-drunkin’??!! No wonder he got kicked out of the house of sin?!?! So he pretends to be innocent?!?!!? How about pretending to win for a change?!?! Here’s a tip from Auntie Glynda, love?!!? Kimi, get your G-U-N and shoot yourself?!? (Geddit?!??)
  • Hats off – and pants too?!!!? – to lil feisty Kimi Räikkönen?!?! Here’s one 21st century bloke who ain’t ashamed to show what he’s REAR-LY made of?!??! Geddit??!! So he had a bit of a drink and exposed his organ in a strip club?!? Who hasn’t these days?!?! Kimi, I salute you?!?! Now every woman can get a glimpse of your cockpit at pole-postition?!?!? (Geddit?!?!?!)

Here he is – Glynda’s May Day Meatcake!!!

  • Ian Hislop?!!?! Take me into your office – and show me your Private Eye?!?!?!!
  • Byeeee!!!

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