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LOL I’m not even joking, I just got attacked by a crazy mouse. I was just washing the dishes when – bam! out dashes a mouse, crashes into my feet, crashes again against the side of the cupboard, does a somersault (I’m not exaggerating, it really did do a somersault) before finding the gap under the cupboard and dashing to safety. Oh Janey!

If I was my mum I would’ve just crushed it under my feet, but I’m not, so I didn’t. I can’t kill animals (except maybe cats hehe). I couldn’t even kill the mealworm that got its head caught in the sieve and was bleeding. I kept picking up the trowel to bash it, but kept chickening out. I could never kill a mouse. All mice are called Pedro.

The mice are always coming to me, I don’t know why. Last year there was one, we were trying to catch it, and in its panic it came right up to me where I was kneeling waiting to pounce, and put its cute little mousey paws on my knees! Awww! And no, I still didn’t manage to catch it. Usually though, they’ll just pop their mousey lil heads out when I’m on the PC. We’ll look at each other for a couple of seconds, then the mouse will dash back to its hiding place.

Pedro the Mouse

Just look at its cutsey lil nose and its mousey brown fur, awwww! How can anyone resist?

If you can’t outwit a mouse without killing it, then you’re in trouble!


Rat poison is evil. I always thought rat poison was one of the most evil methods of pest control (making them slowly bleed internally until after hours of agony they die), but now I’ve found out one that is even worse: glue paper.

Truly heinous.

What happens is the mouse (or rat) gets stuck to the paper and can’t pull itself free, so from sheer desperation, it bites off its front legs, but it can’t reach its hind legs, so you have a mouse with its front paws chewed off, standing on its hind legs and begging for mercy. Until the rats find it and eat it.



It’s illegal to release a captured grey squirrel into the wild. That means, if one gets caught in your bird feeder, you have to keep it in captivity or kill it. I’m not even joking. If you release it into the wild you’ve committed a crime.

Squirrel Stop
(This is only a joke, okay? I’m really planning on making a Cat-Stop)

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