The EAxis of Stupidity and More Weird Glitches

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I know, I can’t believe either that it’s taken me 10 years to know this is a thing, but, wow, way to go, EAxis. No one sucks quite like you do (Thoma$$ sucks more, but in a different way). So actual in-game non-cheatery functions can cause your hoods to implode. I’ve done some VBTs to my main playing hood, namely deleting sims from the bin and moving sims in their lots from one neighbourhood to another. So realising it’s only a matter of time (although it could be a long time, who knows) before my hood turns into a BFBVFS, I thought it better to just extract my sims with SimSurgery and create a brand new hood and place a list of things not to do as the neighbourhood description. Since it’s been years since I played any of my old families, I can’t remember their stats anyway, so I’m fine with starting them again.

The problem is, EAxis insist on planting those premades into your family bin, and control freak that I am, I just don’t want any playables that I didn’t make in my main hood. I followed the safe(r) method tutorial to delete them only now neither of the two new households I created are ageing. I thought the problem was the recent installation of a lifespan mod but after testing it seems the problem is more likely the batbox stage of deleting sims as before that the sim was ageing fine. So my new supposed to be unborked hood is now borked even more than my worked neighbourhood. Way to go EA. If you had just had the sense to create a non-BFBVFS delete function this wouldn’t even be an issue. So now that hood has to be scrapped too.

Anyway even before that the hood was creating problems. I packaged up the community lots from the old hood, cleared out any cc in the sims2pack then installed them. But when I went to edit one of my community lots (even though i have ofb I don’t remember a sim ever purchasing a community lot so i don’t think that has anything to do with it), the host podium had a sign on the front, the chef was in the kitchen and the cooker was in use. I used moveobjects on to remove them, only while redecorating I got an “out of funds” message??? What?!

Exiting the game and reloading seemed to fix it but why did it happen to start with??

Okay I forgot that the no disc crack I used for Seasons was only for the unpatched version. I don’t have a built in disc drive on my netbook, so I prefer to use cracked exes when I can. Anyway I forgot to check if a patched version for Seasons was available before patching (it’s not) so I tried to uninstall the game only i kept getting that same message i got when I tried to uninstall the failed install of Sims 1, is that the program didn’t install properly. So I’ve system restored in the hopes that the unpatched version would be back only it hasn’t BUT the uninstaller is running so right now I’m backing up all my saves (taking ages and that’s not even including the DL folder which I backed up yesterday). Oh my gosh EAxis are so incompetent. Why is it that every other game I have, I can install, play, create CC, download CC uninstall and not have to worry about, but with anything by EA it’s just problem after problem? EA, why do you suck so much? Is it an art form you work to perfect or does or just come naturally?

So right now I’m hoping that i remembered everything that needs backing up and that the uninstaller works properly and i can restore my existing hoods (ya never know, I might finish Jasmine’s story one day).

Oh well, here goes…

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TS4 Previews yay

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In an exclusive teleconference with EA, T$R’s Steve has been able to leak us the following previews of The Sims 4!

In his dreams :mrgreen:

The Agent Pixies were revealed first by, I believe, Please click the link to see the rest.

UPDATE: Official site is live:

One thing I have to say, they don’t look so puddin-faced as TS3 Sims. That was reason #1 that TS3 was a DNW for me.




For some reason, I feel like I’m looking at a TS1 screenshot here.


That is one fugly interface. But at least that is not one fugly puddin’ face.





I have to say, it looks quite interesting. I’m not so sure about the cartoony feel, but that’s what custom content and default replacements are for.

Quotes from above link:

Emotional Depth – For the first time, Sims feel and express emotions. Your Sims can experience a diverse range and depth of emotional states and are influenced through other Sims, actions, events, memories, or even by the clothing and objects you choose. Emotions offer you more choice by giving you the opportunity to create richer stories with even more possibilities.

But haven’t Sims being showing emotion since, um, TS1 days? What I would have liked to see (forgive me if this has already been done in TS3) is for Sims to have more personality. So we get those stupid Sloppy/Neat, Shy/Outgoing options, but honestly, apart from disabling one or two interactions, and the occasional whinge when you tell a Serious Sim to play, it doesn’t really affect the character all that much. My Sloppy Sims still clean up their dishes after themselves. Even 100% Sloppy Sims still want to shower frequently. I’d have liked sliding scale traits like Stupid Sims, who don’t get the jokes and never excel at school no matter how much they study, and Mean Sims who just like causing meanness to everyone (sorry, we have Thoma$$ for that already). *sigh*

Another thing about TS2 that seemed incongruous was that personality traits don’t actually affect what you can and can’t make your Sims do. Hmm, I dunno. Like for instance, let’s take a Sim with 0 Playful points, ie 100% Serious Sim. I would expect such a sim to not be amused by jokes. Depending on their Grumpy/Nice score, I would expect such a sim to either contrive a polite laugh or to be clearly not amused. But in actuality, such a sim will ALWAYS laugh uproariously. Without fail.

Also it doesn’t make sense that a Romance Sim with fear of getting engaged will still ALWAYS accept a marriage proposal, as long as the friendship scores are high enough. Seriously?? Why?

Anyway, unlike TS3, this is a MW (maybe want). Of course, to be a MP (maybe play) I’d need a better computer, since TS2 Seasons is as far as this one can go. I’m really thinking I’d like to build my own. We’ll see.

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EA mole gives IP of complainant to hackers

24 Jun 2012 at 18:49 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , , )

A concerned mother recently posted on Coconut’s shoutbox about her worries over her daughter’s IM communication with Thoma$ at TSR.


Disclaimer: I will make it clear that there is no evidence that the conversations between Thoma$ and Louise’s daughter were sexual or inappropriate in any way. Regardless, it was enough for Louise to be worried about what was going on.

What happened after confirmed what we always knew anyway: that T$R do indeed have ties with EA. And now we have a name for another one of these ties: Sherrie Dandan (the other two being the Maxoids Drea and Hydra — and probably many others).

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: Dandan, Sherrie []
Sent: 31 May 2012 23:05
Subject: RE: Alleged hackings?

Hey Steve,

Ah, I figured as much that it had to come from our favorite sites lol! Ugh, how childish of them. I’m very sorry you and your site are going through this mess again.

Thanks so much for the explanation. We’ve only heard 2 people yammer over it to us (one on our tumblr page and one via our PR). It might have been from the same person, who knows. And our PR who received it wasn’t sure how to handle it and forwarded it to us.

Didn’t mean to cause you any alarm (if any!).

Fan events seem to be very rare and far between. There haven’t been any fan events planned as of yet that I’ve heard of. If there are any, of course I’d let you know!

So how’s life been for you? I just remembered – you still have that awesome gift that keeps on giving! I still wonder how it got through customs without the agents giggling. I remember at one point we had to read through some harassment policies and we wondered if that counted as harassment. Guess we can’t hide that thing around each other’s desks anymore lol! Well, at least to be safe hehe.

Anyhoo, thanks again. I’ll let PR know that it’s just our favorite pirating site causing trouble again.


From: Steve @ The Sims Resource []
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2012 2:41 PM
To: Dandan, Sherrie
Subject: RE: Alleged hackings?

Hi Sherrie

It’s always good to hear from you, even if it is under awkward circumstances 🙂

Yea, we are aware of this. It all stems from the Coconut Blog that is hosted by Pescado, who also hosts the sites that try to destroy so called “Illegal Pay Sites”. If you read the blog there, any half intelligent person will see very quickly that it’s made up of lies and exaggerations with the sole purpose of destroying The Sims Resource. They have been around for years and every now she finds the energy to make up some more lies (she is actually a bitter artist that begged us to make her Featured Artist but was rejected because she wasn’t good enough, and took a vow to cause as much trouble for us as she could). Most of it in the form of edited screenshots that shallow people take to be absolute proof, while technically adept people can see the edits quite clearly with a pixel zoom.

Anyway, the latest allegations are that TSR is actively hacking into other Sims sites, their flickr and social networking sites, and doing all kind of bad things there. Of course its rubbish, we have neither the inclination nor technical skills/knowledge to hack websites and major commercial networks. In any case, people have even come forward and pointed out that the hacking was actually done by someone they know and not TSR, but they gloss over that rather quickly. It’s not good for their story.

They openly accused us of hacking Mod The Sims in a bid to close the site down. Delphy, the owner, publicly stated that he knows TSR was no part of it after he investigated it. Coconut said “well I don’t care, I still think it was TSR so our accusation stands”. It’s all rubbish.

Ironically, it has been bought to our attention recently that Coconut’s followers have been Private Messaging our members in our forums and your own, claiming to be TSR staff trying to resolve technical issues, and asking for their login details for our site. That’s why we posted a news statement a couple of days ago telling our users that we would never need to ask for their passwords and not to give them out.

I think if you read this complaint you have been forwarded you will see the ‘way over the top’ way they desperately try to get the attention of EA, who they so want on board to shut TSR down. “FBI… Internet fraud… Punished for crimes… Harassment and Slander…” We’re a Sims fansite for goodness sake, all we do is sell subscriptions for access to our premium content, which just happens to be the best and largest collection of Custom Content for the Sims games, made in the Sims 3 case by all our own software engineered in house but made freely available for any Sims fansite out there to use at will (Workshop). Does that sound like the same website this user is describing? What proof can they offer that we have been involved in any so called hackings? There won’t be any. We are grown men with jobs (as you know, I work for the Government in Criminal Justice), we aren’t about to getting up to this nonsense.

So there. Anyway, on to more pressing matters…. When is Sims 4 being released, and when’s the next event???


Love to the team,


I am so disgusted I can’t even think of anything to say to this right now.

You can read the full article at Coconut’s Hut.

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More TSR <3 EA Fun

31 Jan 2009 at 19:28 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , , , )

How cosy!

You remember Neptune ‘Why Not Make All FA Content Subscriber-only’ Suzy?

Here is an interesting bit of gossip from Calalily at PMBD

She was canned by TSR as an FA, and to save face begged Thomass to be allowed to stay on as FA for free. Thomass being the cheap b*****d he is, agreed (all for Silus, all for Silus). So Neptune Suzy’s downloads are pay, but she doesn’t get a single cent for them – serves her bloody right.

dancing banana

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How daft can you get?

3 Oct 2008 at 21:14 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , )

Someone from asked EA technical support about a problem with HomeCrafter Plus not working. HomeCrafter Plus was made by EA for The Sims 2. EA’s response as follows:

Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts Technical Support regarding on your concern with The Sims 2.

As to your concern, we do not support or advice the use of this program (Homecrafter Plus) since it’s considered as a game modifier. It may cause conflict(s) with the game itself.

Should you have any other concerns or problems regarding EA Games feel free to contact us or you can review our extensive Self Support Knowledgebase (


Jay P.
Technical Support
Electronic Arts™

So, how daft can you get? Very, if EA’s tech support are anything to go by.

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EA getting sued over Securom!!

27 Sep 2008 at 00:19 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , )



Choice extract:
(Actually I’m not sure if this is a specific SecuROM issue; my sister gets the same message when she plays Fable and Fable can haz no Suck-u-rom)

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Oh… it’s gone again!!

19 Aug 2008 at 22:44 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , )

Utterly brilliant! It’s gone!

stoopid suckurom

That was easier than I thought! There’s a non-techie way! Whew!

ETA: It looks like it might not have been a game that was responsible after all. I’ve discovered that (my sister’s) Official DSA Theory Test (i.e. the driving theory test) CD has the Sony DADC thing on it too, but most of the stuff mentioned in the MATY thread (e.g. securom folder in your settings folder, the uaservice7.exe thing) weren’t present. So maybe it was a less aggressive form of Suck-u-ROM? Still Suck-u-ROM though. Cool, so now even government owned institutions are trying to take over our PCs.

*thinks for a while*

… actually there’s nothing surprising about that at all.

ETA Part II : Actually I think it was my sister’s Castaway after all

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Oh no! It’s back!!

19 Aug 2008 at 22:12 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , )

Damn you, EA! Damn you!!

stoopid suck-u-rom... its back

GRRRRRRRR!!! Why does no one listen to me when I say, check if it has SecuROM!!! Now I gotta wait for techie Uncle to come round and remove it cos I’m sure I’ll screw up somewhere. Or maybe I won’t bother waiting that long and give it a try anyway.

Here’s the quick way to see if your game is infected. Look at the back of the CD. I’ve even provided a picture for you.

Somewhere where I’ve shown you, in little writing, you will see the words SONY DADC. This is sekrit code for: Ha ha, l00zers!! U iz pirate! Nao all ur PC r belong to us!!

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What are your feelings towards EA?

26 Jul 2008 at 18:01 (Previous Polls, Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , )

Poll results
Total votes: 58

  • $#@£”%*”!!! Those taffers aren’t getting a penny more out of me! (34.5% / 20 votes)
  • I’m unhappy with them, but I desperately want [insert game here], so I won’t boycott (36.2% / 21 votes)
  • I’m indifferent, really (17.2% / 10 votes)
  • EA’s cool! What’s your problem, dude? (12.1% / 7 votes)

Whoa… 12% of voters are total crawlers for EA. Scary.

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More EAxis of Evil

28 Jun 2008 at 19:25 (Random Randomness) (, , , , )

Sheesh! What is wrong with EA?

As if SecuROM wasn’t bad enough, there is also a MASSIVE SECURITY LEAK in Spore: If you EVER share ANY content with ANYONE, be warned that YOUR COMPUTER USERNAME is ENCRYPTED INTO THE CREATURE “IMAGE” FILE. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REMOVE THIS INFORMATION BY HEXING! This means that ANYONE who downloads it will know what your username is on your computer.

This represents a MASSIVE security breach because many people (foolishly) encode their real names into their Windoze username. Even if you don’t, revealing this username to the world presents a point of vulnerability for attack by hackers. By sharing any Spore content ANYWHERE, you are leaving your computer open to attack and leaving yourself open to stalking and identity theft.

From: MATY.

Like I said already, EA aren’t getting a penny more out of me. What the hell is Spore anyway?

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Two Cheeks of the Same A*se

19 Jun 2008 at 19:41 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , , )

A little game of spot the difference.

Expects you to hand over your money for buggy content and useless/ugly meshes Expects you to hand over your money for buggy content and useless/ugly/broken meshes
Puts profit above the opinions and feelings of its paying customers Puts profit above the opinions and feelings of its paying customers
Likes to screw up your PC Likes to screw up your game
Illegally installs malware on your computer Illegally charges money for custom content
Censors and/or bans anyone who complains about the aforementioned Censors and/or bans anyone who complains about the aforementioned
Well, at least if you’re unhappy with the product you can sell it on second-hand Errr….

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Sims 2 Trailer

21 Mar 2008 at 17:56 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , )

Yes, that did say Sims 2!

All I can say about this is, WHAT A SCAM! I didn’t play the first Sims game, I remember wanting it when it first came out, but not enough to actually buy it. But I do feel really sorry for those who saw this official TS2 trailer and thought: WOW! Sims 2 is gonna be great.

That is an absolute swizz. NOTHING in that video is genuine TS2 footage, the game is NOTHING like anything in that video. Sims don’t swing on ceiling fans, kids don’t set fire to carpets, none of the clothes, furniture, nothing really at all in that video is available in the actual game. What did I say about EA earlier? That they are a joke.

You can be sure that any official trailers for TS3 will likewise be pure fiction (or at the very least a very sugar-coated version of the truth). EA, like T$R, don’t care about their paying customers. Just about hoodwinking you into handing over your precious money.

And no, I won’t be buying TS3 either. And not just because my CCLOCIC can’t handle it.

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The Maxis of Evil

27 Feb 2008 at 18:54 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , , )

No, my problem isn’t really with Maxis, but that beyond-a-joke publisher, EA. The last TS2 expansion pack, Freetime, is released soon here in the UK, and EA have seen fit to bundle that SecuROM malware with that too, despite the thousands of complaints they’ve received on the matter. What a joke.


Why can’t EA get it into their heads that they can stick all the Securoms they want onto their discs, it will do absolutely feck all to stop people pirating the game? EA, you fools, by bundling malware with your games all you are going to do is alienate your genuine customers, and push them towards real piracy, because why should your customers hand over £17 so you can screw up their PCs? My computer was previously infected with SecuROM, after someone installed NeverWinter Nights (no warning on that game either). My CD-RW consequently lost the ability to burn CDs, and we had no idea why. It was only after we reinstalled Windows because of a soundcard problem that the CD-RW drive started working again. Why do games publishers feel they have the right to mess up our computers – and deny us the right to burn perfectly legal CDs – to ‘protect’ a game most people have no intention of copying and bandying around anyway?

Copy-protection does nothing to stop pirates – why does EA think they will succeed where everyone else has failed? Pirates will always find ways to get round copy-protection, downloading an illegal copy of Bon Voyage is as easy as easy!

In other words, you morons, you’ve shot yourselves in the foot.

Oh, Pescado, you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth:

Not only is it [copying/sharing CDs] unpopular as a method, but it is also the method most likely to actually generate sales! The “casual” disk sharer is most likely to buy his own at some point. The veteran e-pirate is not only unlikely to do so, but strongly discouraged from doing so by the superiority of the counterfeit product that he clearly knows how to acquire. A short-sighted move like this forces customers that run into problems to learn the ways of the pirate, and pretty soon they join the Dark Side in frustration. By taking that sale now, the company costs itself future sales, an incredibly short-sighted move. Better to lose a sale in the present for sales in the future than to permanently alienate customers while simultaneously teaching them to be pirates to make what they have bought work!

Consider: A user who borrows a disk from a friend, with no CD check, probably won’t buy the game NOW…but he might in the future, when he has to reinstall it, or buy the expansion pack now that he has the game, and is no better equipped to be a pirate later than he was before. A customer p***ed off by the game NOT WORKING that has to go find a crack has now learned some dangerous knowledge and has a hostile disposition. It is not a customer that is pleased with your product and likely to buy future products.
– Pescado, Booty King, from MATY


Complaining to EA about the crap they bundle with their software doesn’t work. The only – ONLY – way to get the message across is to vote with our wallets. If sales go down enough, EA will finally wake up to their customers’ demands. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen, as many Sims players – especially the younger ones with their ‘pester-power’ – simply don’t care what rubbish EA fobs us off with – because they just have to have the latest EP. It’s quite a sad state of affairs, really. But EA have definitely lost me as a customer.

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Why not pay?

6 Nov 2007 at 19:25 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , , )

More excellent info on why T$R doesn’t deserve your money, by Money Better Spent.

Link: Why Not Pay?

Et l’extract:

Leilatigress actually sat down with three members of the EA Legal team on August 27, 2007. This is available at PMBD but for those that don’t want to go look over there, it is posted here too. I asked her to cover a few topics, and here are the replies:

Q. EULA changes: TSR’s making a big deal over the removal of the word ‘noncommerical’ in the EULA for the content manager; is this a permanent change for all EPs/Bodyshop/Homecrafter?
A. It is a permanent change for Bodyshop and Homecrafter it is not going to be in any EPs. Turned right back around and said the EULA for Bon Voyage would match Seasons.

Q. Filesharing: It’s been suggested that the only problem EA has with PMBD is that we have adult content (Pandora/M&M/etc), and therefore they don’t want our link on the Exchange. However, there’s also a rumor that EA will stop PMBD/SFV filesharing altogether – in essence saying that paysites DO own their content. What’s the real story?
A. EA has nothing against filesharing since they have the exchange which promotes filesharing. They ignored the rest of that question.

Q. The various statements from tech suport/customer support/EA legal – obviously, there’s conflict. Some of it’s Maxoid issues, some of it’s ancient ties to TSR back when they were free. So what’s the story? WHO has final say?
A. Unless it’s signed by an EA Legal team member they have no say and are not held to be responsible for anything or anyone, EA Legal says.

Q. Obviously, the big thing we want is ANY clear statement – paysites good, paysites bad, filesharing good, filesharing bad, or ‘we don’t give a rat’s ass what happens in the fan community”.
A. Filesharing good, paysites bad was the statement I got and that is verbatim.


PS. EA is a joke

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