Skype installs malware toolbars

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You were very fortunate to get an older version of the Babylon virus. The newer “improved” version installs a totally separate, disguised and totally unidentified program titled Browser Manager. While that is still on the hard drive, about:config resets will not work, as the last Babylon file, of 30 total Babylon files, cannot be reset, not by you and not even by Mozilla. When FFX restarts, this program re-installs Babylon, and you never knew it was there. — jaguar6cy

Please watch out when installing Skype! It seems the current installer is bundled with a malicious toolbar called Delta, which from what I’ve seen, seems to be by the same malware-factory that created the ebil Babylon toolbar.

What is sneaky about these installers (and I’m including the just-as-evil CNET malware installer here) is that, just like SecuROM, they are incredibly devious in the way they operate. Hiding behind a trusted name, most people will assume the software is safe (Cnet even proudly proclaims all software hosted on their site is checked for viruses, malware and spyware — but they cannot extend that to their installer). However, they have to get their money from somewhere, and this is how they do it.

When installing any software, always check each step before proceeding — don’t just keep hitting “accept”. The moment you see a toolbar offered (or any 3rd party software), proceed very VERY carefully indeed. Unchecking the boxes is not enough to stop the malware infection. You have to also press DECLINE.

See, this is how they fool you. You’d assume that Read the rest of this entry »

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Graphics Card!

13 Apr 2013 at 21:35 (Random Randomness, Screenshots, Sims 2) ()

Who’d have thunk it? My netbook, despite its slowness, does actually have a pretty good graphics card on board. ATI Radeon 6250 apparently. Whatever that means, it’s utterly better than the CCLOCIC (crappy crap load of crap Intel chipset). I’m surprised by how smoothly TS2 is playing on here, even with the addition of another expansion pack.

Better still, anti-aliasing also seems to be enabled on here. Have a look:

Old PC:


Eh, anyway, it looks a LOT better, and plays a lot more smoothly (when I say “play”, I haven’t actually put any Sims into it yet. I’m only using it for props.)

YaY for the Radeon chipset!

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Asus 1225b EeePC Review

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The first thing you need to know about the 1225b is that it is slow. Really slow. This may be the fault of the clunky Windows 7, but don’t believe its claim that:

The latest AMD Brazos dual core processor provides users an unprecedented experience of the all new Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). The APU combines a high performance CPU and discrete GPU giving users the best in multimedia enjoyment.

It’s slow.

Okay, bloatware uninstalled, cleaned up with CCleaner. Here’s some of the software I use and how the 1225b handles them.

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Specification failure

18 Dec 2007 at 21:28 (Random Randomness) (, , )

Not enough RAM!
Oh dear.

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Windows Secret Settings

1 Oct 2007 at 21:15 (Random Randomness) (, , )

Old, but funny
Secret Settings
It would explain a lot, huh 😉 Like this:

Time to end it all

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