Tony’s Story

Breaking Free – Updated October 2007

This is the first Sim story I ever wrote, cobbled together from the few random shots I initially had of them as teens. This one is nice and short; the only short story I have ever written! New new new screenshots!

Breaking Free by Silver Arrows
Click the image to view the story
(36 pages)



  1. Gayl said,

    I have finally set aside some time to catch up on reading instead of writing and I thoroughly enjoyed Tony’s story! Going to try and catch up on the rest and check out the rest of your blog. BTW I like the storybook format. Wish I had done that with Dark December. The snaps look so much better when they are full size don’t they?

  2. sandybvv said,

    I finally found you!!!

    Great chapter, I didn’t know where to leave my message, but I think i found the way 😀 lol

    Great storytelling!! I’m going to read next chapter!!

    Silver’s Reply: Hello Sandy! It’s lovely to see you here. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my stories 🙂

  3. sandybvv said,

    Silly Me!! I was looking for another part, couldn’t find it, I just noticed the note on the top “short story” LOL 😀

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