Lana’s Story

Halfway Across the Galaxy… and Turn Right

This story is quite different from my usual woeful ramblings, much more light-hearted, and my tongue was definitely in my cheek when I wrote this 😀

I want to make it clear that this story is in no way related to the 90s Aussie show Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left. In this story they turn right, so it’s quite a different planet completely. Titles have just never been my strong point.

Part One

Part one is for my fellow simwriter Jane, thanks for all the encouragement and making me smile

Halfway Across the Galaxy… and Turn Right
Click the image to view the story
(60 pages)

Part Two

Halfway Across the Galaxy… Part Two
Click the image to view the story
(61 pages)

Part Three and Last

Halfway Across the Galaxy… Part Three
Click the image to view the story
(80 pages)

Extra special big thanks to Ole @ Insim and Kate at Parsimonious for the space props. The screenshots would have been much inferior without them. Some lines were taken from various cartoons, full credits here.



  1. Thomas said,

    OH MY LUCY!!!

    You didn’t tell me this was so GOOD!

    Its fricken brilliant!!

    la-la roft hahahahaha

    Teejam hahahahah!!!

    This is brilliant!!

    “Still they ignored me. ‘I think I know what it is.’ I said, louder this
    time. ‘It’s her massive – ‘ but still no one paid attention to me. I raised
    my voice. ‘It’s her massive pair of – ‘”

    Its not finished though!!
    Whats gonna happen!

  2. Leah said,

    Great story, I really enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Beth said,

    Some fantastic shots…

    The dynamic between Lana and her parents, when she finds the adoption papers, extremely good!

    Silver’s reply: Thank you, Beth! I think this story has the best shots I’ve ever managed to take (which is probably not saying much!). I’m glad you enjoyed it. Part three is currently in progress.

  4. Gayl said,

    I just loved this! I agree with Beth. The shots were fantastic!

    It’s a cleverly written story. Looking forward to part 3.

    Silver’s Reply: Thank you so much Gayl! I really appreciate your comments 🙂

  5. sandybvv said,

    Great part 1 going to read part 2 😀 lol such a different an interesting story!! 😀 poor Lana!

  6. sandybvv said,

    Can’t wait for part 3… 😀 amazing story!! great job..:D

    Silver’s Reply: Thank you, Sandy. I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the genre. I’m glad you think it came out good (I’m still not sure it did lol).

  7. steff:) said,

    heys! i love the first 2 parts. you are seriously a great story writer! hope to see part 3 asap :))

    Silver’s Reply: Thank you Steffi 🙂 I’ll try to get round to finishing the last chapter, it’s all written, I just need the pics now, but I’m too lazy!!

  8. Leah said,

    Well, that were about time, Silver!
    Awwww, a happy ending… that sucks… 😉

    Kidding! I loved this last chapter.
    But of course I’d have loved it even more if you had made them suffer a bit more. You know me… 😛

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