Kid Liquorice
‘There isn’t a real sensation that’s better than a dream…’

Breaking Free

Breaking Free by Silver Arrows
Tony’s parents have big plans for him: for him to be as famous and rich and successful (and dull) as they are. For Tony, that’s a fate worse than death. Will he ever be able to break free from his parents’ loving, but suffocating, embrace?

Raindrops and Tears

Raindrops and Tears Part One
Her heart having been broken yet again, Jasmine returns to her parents in the sleepy, rainy town of Cloud Magna. But her troubles are not over yet – far from it. Some of her greatest challenges are yet to come…

Halfway Across the Galaxy… and Turn Right

Lana’s Story
Lana always feels different from the other kids. She has strange dreams and hears voices calling out to her. Her parents put it down to a very vivid imagination, but Lana knows there is more to it than that. And what of the mysterious light in the sky, and her ability to read the minds of others..?

AD&D Adventures

Manga and fiction from my AD&D campaign world.

My sim stories are aimed at readers aged teen and above (Dreamsong is rated PG). Being a bit of a prude, I can assure you that there is no foul language or explicit/nudie scenes in any of my stories, but there are themes that are not suitable for children.

Acknowledgements: Thanks of course to EA/Maxis for The Sims 2! Thank you to all the custom content creators, without which the screenshots would be très très dull. Big big thanks to the creator of The Insimenator, without which I would still be trying to shoot Jasmine’s restaurant scene! Thank you to all the contributors at the booty. I’m very grateful to the creators of the Sims2 Storybook Editor, especially for the templates and saving me from having to load up the game just to edit a story.

Last but not least, thank you to all my loyal readers for their suggestions and words of encouragement. I appreciate it very much and hope you continue to enjoy my work

All story text is copyright © Silver Arrows 2007, 2008, 2014. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction prohibited.

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