Japanese Translations

Note: I am still learning, so please don’t take my translations as 100% accurate. I do my best, but colloquialisms/metaphorical speech/idioms/super-long sentences may still catch me out. If you notice any mistakes, I’d be very happy for you to send in corrections. Just leave a comment on the appropriate page. I may take requests, but it will depend on how complicated the task is and how much time I have to spare.

日本語を良く話せますか。 手伝いたいですか。

なるほど 逆転裁判! (Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!)

Gyakuten Saiban Fanbook

naruhodo gyakuten saiban cover


Original content © their respective owners. Translating these took a lot of time an effort; please credit me and link back if you use my translations. Any corrections are welcome!


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