Super Happy Fun Book

Oh no!

You can use this page to leave a guestbook message. If you want to send me a private message, you can do so on my MTS2 profile page. Strictly no T$R fanmail allowed! Seriously, if you want to say ‘TSR is a GREAT site and I want to give them all my monies LOLZ OMG’ the address to send your messages to is

Posting rules

Please read the rules before posting – these apply to all comments on this site, but the torrent, CC and guestbook pages will be the most heavily moderated. I’m more lenient with the blog and other pages as they aren’t aimed at kiddies, but I reserve the right to edit/delete/ignore/make fun of any comments breaking these rules.

  1. Keep your language clean. No expletives, no bigotry, nothing 18+, etc etc.
  2. Don’t post your TSR/other paysite username here or anything that can link you to your TSR account if you want your account to remain safe.
  3. No flaming. If you have a problem with what I am doing, please make your objections known in a dignified way. You are free to disagree with me, but I have no desire to get involved in flame wars – all flame messages will be nuked on sight/laughed at.
  4. This is not a Sims 2 support site. Please stop asking me for game support. If you are having troubles with your game, try the Sims2Wiki, the official Sims site or one of the myriad of forums out there. The only support I will provide is for my own custom content.
  5. Please only post in English (or French). If you know enough English to read this, then you know enough to post in English, too.
  6. I am going to correct your bad spelling and grammar whether you like it or not. *evil cackle*
  7. Anyone who dares to diss Kid Icarus can take it up with me outside.


  1. Jane said,

    You are amazing. Keep up this fantastic job.
    I wish more had the guts you have.

  2. emms said,

    not sure if im just being really stupid, but where can i find torrents for sims 1 objects? Like i said i might just be being stupid and they’re right under my nose!!

    Thanks for your help

    Silver’s Reply: Meh, I dunno about torrents but there are people who’ve uploaded TS1 paystuff. I *think* there was a link on the PMBD forums if you wanna check there. I’ll have a quick look.

    ETA: Here we go:

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