Highlighter Wall Sets

These are from Highlighter Tiles in India. I really made these just to help my mum decide on her decor, but I’ve been using them in-game and I quite like them. All designs are by Highlighter. I did not make these textures myself. They are all filed under Tiled.

You can download them individually, or to speed things up, here is the full set so far in one zip: silverarrows-highlightersuperset.7z (files are clearly named)

Silver’s Room

My bedroom decor. Floor by SimPlacement.

Silver's Room

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-myroomwalls.zip

Navy Bathroom Walls and Floors

I call it bathroom, because that’s what we used it for, but it can work well in any other kind of room. Blue tiles by me, ivory tiles by Maxis.


DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-navybathroom.zip

Dark Green Variation

Just a green palette swap.

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-darkgreenbathroom.zip

Poppy Living Room

Mix and match walls, and a red tile.

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-poppywallfloorset.zip

Beige and Cream Living Room

I think there may be a floor in there, too. Yeah, there is, and it’s badly tiled, but I like it :mrgreen:

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-beigencream.zip

Misc Bathroom Walls

A lilacy-blue,, a peach and a green version:

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-bathroomwalls.zip

N’s Rooms

Two sets in one:

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-nsrooms.zip

Green Hallway

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-hallwaywalls.zip

Panama Grey

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-panamagrey.7z

Oslo Pink

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-oslopink.7z

Mosaico Grey

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-mosaicogrey.zip

Atlanta Verde

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-atlantaverde.zip

Atlanta Blue

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-atlantablue.zip

Albina Cotto

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-albinacotto.zip

Monalisa Orange

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-monalisaorange.zip

This is the end of the Highlighter sets.

Misc Other Stuff

Plum Swirl Set

Appears under Paint:

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-plumswirlset.zip

Space Set

I made these for use in Halfway Across…‘s space scenes. Here they are for you to use, too! Somehow, I remember their looking better than this. Better graphics card is a mixed blessing.

DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-spacewallset.zip

Kid’s Walls

Charlie and Lola – I am NOT Sleepy and I WILL NOT go to Bed

I am NOT Sleepy and I WILL NOT go to Bed
One base paper, plus six illustrated panels. Click the preview to enlarge. It looks much better in game: the screenshot just doesn’t do it justice.
DOWNLOAD: SilverArrows-NotSleepy.zip

Camouflage Paints

Camo Paints
Six colours
DOWNLOAD: SilverArrows-CamoPaints.zip

Lazy Town Paper

Lazy Town Paint
Eight Panels
by request of Connor_sims
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-lazytown.zip

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