Wall Hangings

Water Canvases

Requires: Nightlife, CEP
Water Canvas Set by Silver Arrows
Download at Insimenator.net


e3 Telescope Recolours

Requires: CEP
e3 Telescopes
Download at Insimenator.net


Recolours of cheap Maxis furniture

Futonesque sofa, Satinistics loveseat, cheap single bed. Pic shows MsBarrows’s completer sofa for Futonesque. You can get it at the Booty (filename: futonesquefantasycompleterset.zip)

Requires: CEP
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-cheapmaxisrecols.zip


Sims2Sisters Books Recolours – Set of 5 books

Sims2Sisters Books Recolours - Set of Five
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-s2sbooks.zip – includes mesh by Sims2Sisters


Holy Simoly Industronovo Table and Chairs Recolours

Industronovo Tables and Chairs
Oodles of mix ‘n’ match recolours: the pic only shows three combinations. There are 15 recolours altogether in the zip.
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-indus.zip
Requires: Mesh by Holy Simoly > http://www.holysimoly.com > Objects > Dining > Page 7

Bedroom and Living Room

REQUIRE MESHES: Download at Sims2Artists

Sims2Luxe Mundy Recolours – Red and Black

Red and black recolours. The wood and cushions are coloured separately, so you can mix ‘n’ match.
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-mundyred.zip

Sims2Luxe Mundy Recolours – Pink and White

Pink and white recolours. Again, coloured separately, so you can mix ‘n’ match.
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-mundypink.zip


Lotus Europa S

Yellow and red recolours
REQUIRES: Nightlife, mesh from Sims2carsource.net
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-car-lotuseuropaS.7z

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