Nintendo Stuff

Thought I may as well make a page for all my Captain N and Nintendo stuff.

Captain N’s outfit

Adult/YA Male

REQUIRES: University

Adult/YA Female

Because girls like to save Videoland too!

REQUIRES: University

Super Smash Bros: Brawl Wall Decals

A few wall decals for Smash Bros fans! Characters included: Diddy Kong, Fox, Ike, Kirby, Link, Mario, Marth, Pikachu, Pit (he gets two, cos he’s my favourite and best), Samus, Sheik, Snake and Sonic.
Click thumbnails to enlarge

Includes mesh by Aikea Guinea @ Club Crimsyn. Appears under Decorative > Wall Hangings, $1. Wallpaper by me, too lazy to upload at the mo.

These are decals (not wallpapers!), so they’ll work on any indoor wall.

Aikea Guinea for the mesh
I make no copyright claims for the textures: all graphics are from the Dojo. Characters © Nintendo/Sega/Konami/Intelligent and whoever else I don’t know.

1 Comment

  1. Michelle Hall said,

    My son would like to decorate his room with sonic and Kirby decals. How do I order one?

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