Male Clothing

A few simple recolours, nothing fancy.

Lack of a graphics card and lots of image compression means the screenshots really don’t do the clothing justice. They look okay in the game. Many of these feature in my stories as well, where they look much better than in these crummy shots

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Teen Male

Wimpy Kid – Morons T-Shirt Full Outfit

Base game compatible
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-tm-wimpymorons.7z

Wimpy Kid – Best Person I Know outfit

Base game compatible
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-tm-wimpykidbestmorons.7z

Wimpy Kid – Indoor Person outfit

Base game compatible
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-tm-wimpykidindoorperson.7z

UNI EP Hippy outfit conversion (kinda)

Forgot to screenie. It’s the one on the left. Just C+P’d the textures. Base game compatible.
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-tm-hippy.7z

Adult Male

McLaren F1 Outfit

McLaren Outfit Whole Outfit
Black T-shirt and navy jeans, 2 wristbands. McLaren logo on front, F1 logo on back

Muse Outfits

Muse Outfit Simple black T-shirt with Muse logo and navy jeans.
Muse Double Sleeved Outfit Black double-sleeved top with Muse logo, black jeans
Requires: Nightlife

JJ72 Outfit

JJ72 Outfit Black t-shirt with JJ72 logo, navy jeans

REM Tour 2003 Outfit

REM Tour 2003 Outfit Black t-shirt. REM logo on front, image of the band members on the back. Blue jeans

James Conway’s Hippy Outfit

James Conway’s Hippy Outfit Please forgive me for this, Conway 😀
Requires: Nightlife

Commander Keen Outfit

Commander Keen Outfit It’s Captain Keen!

Goo Goo Dolls Outfit

Goo Goo Dolls Goo Goo Dolls 😉
Requires: Nightlife

Green Checked Shirt – Updated 14/07/2008 Please redownload

Green Checked Shirt Download:

Blue Checked Shirt

Blue Shirt Download:

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