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Leah’s Favourite and Best
Says Jack Faerie: It’s not very ‘faerie’ of you to expect me to score a single point, when I have to play with my eyes closed for fear of turning to stone!

TSR outfit for Adult Males

I gave E7.95 to TSR…
Requires mesh: by BeOSBoxBoy
(No, the irony of this hasn’t been lost on me)

Anti-T$R Necklace

Anti-TSR Necklace
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-antitsrnecklace

All your monies are belong to T$R

All your monies are belong to us
All your monies are belong to us
Rather fetchingly modelled by Sir Oxford
Requires: mesh by Ang

More coming soon!


  1. Leah said,

    Oh my goodness!
    I just sat here laughing out loud – literally – for minutes, and now I’m peeing my pants!
    That’s such a wonderful job, Silver. Thank you so much!
    I’m sure my self simmie will enjoy herself with these…

    Silver’s Reply: You might try this, Leah 😉

  2. sandybvv said,

    LOL !!!

  3. Leah said,

    Hiya Silver!

    Guess what?
    I just included your Atwa Dartboard in my SImTales Holiday Present for all my friends. And yes, that includes you.
    Now get you bum over to the forum and download your present!

  4. Leah said,

    That’s SOOOO cool!
    I’ll feature it on The Official Anti T$R Blog.
    Great job, Silver! 😀

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