Female Clothing

Lack of a graphics card and lots of image compression means the screenshots really don’t do the clothing justice. They look okay in the game. Many of these feature in my stories as well, where they look much better than in these crummy shots. Sorry for the anarchic layout. I’m too lazy to redo the shots right now 😦

Adult Female

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Tie Dye Tops

Tye Dye Sleeveless Tops
Download at Insimenator.net

Tie Dye Violet/Pink Halter Download: silverarrows-tiedyehalter.zip
Long loose tie dye top Requires custom mesh: k8parsfacfrillytop021405 (Adult Female Gypsy Top) at Parsimonious
Download: silverarrows-tiedyepurpleheart.zip

Pink Tie Dye Halterneck

Pink Halterneck A halterneck variation of the pink heart tie dye top
Download: silverarrows-pinkhalter.zip

Jasmine’s Lucky Irish Top

Lucky Irish Top Am I sad or sad? This is Jasmine’s lucky Irish top…and if you want the really sad version, I’ll tell you: her fella got it for her.
Download: silverarrows-luckyirishtop.zip

I’m with Stoopid

I’m with Stoopid Download: silverarrows-stoopidtop.zip

Camo Top and Skirt

Camouflage Sleeveless Top Download @ Insimenator.net
Camouflage Skirt This is based on my favourite and best lovely camo skirt that I got for £1 in Muswell Hill.
Base photo for these by myself.
Download: silverarrows-camoskirt.zip

Pink Heart Long Sleeve Top

Mesh by Anrui (thesimsresource.com/profiles/562353/) included
Base texture fanseelamb
DOWNLOAD: silverarrows-pinkheartlongsleeve.zip

Hard work!

I love hard work by Silver Arrows I love hard work by Silver Arrows
Download @ InSim

Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt A blue denim skirt with black shoes… needs ironing 😐
Base photo by myself.
Download: silverarrows-denimskirt.zip

Silver Arrows’s Digging Outfit

Digging Outfit
Download @ Insimenator.net (top and trousers separates), or top only at MTS2

Hippy Outfits

Hippy Outfits
Download @ Insimenator.net or MTS2

Hippy Skirts

Blue Hippy Skirts
Download @ Insimenator.net

Camo Skirts

Camo Skirts
Download @ Insimenator.net

Alt-ish Stuff – Page 2 >>


  1. Leah said,

    Hi Silver!

    I just made some recolours of your blue skirt and made them available for download 🙂
    They came out quite nice, even if I say so myself.

  2. tob said,

    really nice!

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