Female Clothing 2

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Punk Outfit

Teen Punk Outfit for Adult This is the Maxis teen punk outfit converted to adult size.

You don’t need this anymore. A full conversion has been done by cloudlessnights at MTS2!!!!

Rock Chick Outfits

Rock Chicks
Rock Chicks

Download: Part One (3 recolours) | Part Two (5 recolours)

Punky T-Shirts

Punky T-shirts
Download @ InSim

Crimson Corset Outfit

Crimson Corset Outfit A simple recolour of the Maxis outfit. Note that the choker is not included. This can be downloaded separately from MTS2.
Requires: Nightlife
Download: silverarrows-corsetcrimson.zip

Punk Rockerrrrrrrs

Adult Punk Outfits
Some punky outfits for your sims. One plain top, plus 4 graphic tops. Pirate Queen, 2 x Goo Goo Dolls, Sex Pistols. Big thanks to IrishPunkTom for the idea (What was that, Tom? Goo Goo Dolls are saps? Shut up, they’re not! Well they used to be punk anyway :p )
Requires: Nightlife
Download: silverarrows-punkeh.zip

REM Untuckable Layered Top

REM Untuckable Layered Top Requires: Mesh by Hysterical Paroxysm at MTS2 (MESH_AF_T_UntuckableTop)
Download: silverarrows-remuntuckpink.zip

Muse Untuckable Layered Top

Muse Untuckable Layered Top Requires: Mesh by Hysterical Paroxysm at MTS2 (MESH_AF_T_UntuckableTop)
Download: silverarrows-MuseUntuckedF.zip

Completer Set for Aikea’s Grungewear (sneaker version)

aikea grunge
Top textures and sneakers by Aikea Guinea. Requires mesh by Aikea.
Download: Insimenator.net

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  1. Leah said,

    Silver, I LOVE those two skirts – the denim that needs ironing and the long flared blue skirt. Finally some clothes I would actually want to wear. My self sim will be so happy! Thanks!

    Silver’s Reply: Thanks Leah. I hope it lives up to your expectations in-game *snigger*

  2. Leah said,

    If it doesn’t, I’ll make a Simmie out of you (I’ll just call her Silver Arrows and pretend it’s you – and I don’t care what you really look like; I’ll make her F-ugly anyway =P… ) and make her SUFFER!
    A lot, mwaaahahahahaha!

    Silver’s Reply: That’s okay 😉 My sim called Leah has already been roasted, drowned, abducted by aliens and run over.

  3. Leah said,

    Roasted, drowned, abducted by aliens and run over?
    COOOOL! 😉

  4. Ms.Punk said,

    Wo0o0o0o w
    Great work ! thnx

  5. Anonymous said,


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