Silver’s Sim Stuff FAQ

Q. Can I use your custom content on sims/lots I upload to another site?
Sure, on 100% free sites (yes, even the Exchange) and you properly credit me and include a link back to here. Also please leave a message on my guestbook/CC pages to let me know!

I do not want my work on sites that charge for content in any way, whether directly charging or through a subscription. Voluntary donation sites (like WNF, InSim, etc) are fine, ‘donation set’ sites are not! And under no circumstances may you put anything of mine on The Sims Resource; I don’t care if it’s in the free section. No TSR and this is not negotiable.

Q. Can I upload your custom content as is onto my own fansite?
I won’t forbid you, though I’d rather you didn’t. My CC will always be available for free, so there’s really no need to upload it elsewhere. And besides, I’m nosy and like to know how often my stuff gets downloaded (not very often, admittedly).

Q. May I use your textures/alphas?
Yah, why not? But only for Sim projects and if for distribution then only on 100% free sites. Most of my work is based on Maxis textures anyway, but please credit me and provide a clickable link back to here. If my textures use a 3rd party image (e.g. fanseelamb’s texture) then their conditions will also apply. Again, no paysites and no TSR. Textures I created myself from scratch and photos I took myself are released under the following license. (ask me if you’re not sure if the texture is 100% mine or not). Also a quick message to let me know how you use my stuff is appreciated.

Q. May I use your items in screenshots, stories, movies, etc?
Yes, of course! I would be flattered! You don’t have to credit me, unless you really want to. If you would let me know when you use my items in pics and stories I would appreciate that very much.

Q. Do you take requests?
Feel free to make requests. Simple things, like modifying my existing CC to a different colour for example, I’d be happy to do, no problem. As long as you don’t expect anything more fancy than what I’ve already created, then I should be able to fulfill your request, just leave a message in the Happy Fun Book. If you want something complex you’re better off asking a proper artist 😉 And I absolutely, definitely CANNOT mesh!
Sorry, I’ve retired from CC creation. Awwwwwwww!!

Q. Can I reproduce your stories?
No (why would you want to??). Whatever about the screenshots, the story text is copyright to me and may not be reproduced, either in whole or in part, elsewhere.

Q. My game isn’t working!!!!
Tough. Stop asking me for game help, this isn’t a support forum.

Q. Can I use your Smash Bros/KI/[insert game here] screenshots on my own site ZOMG PLZZZZZZZ?!?!?!!?
Only if you stop talking like a moron. Just joking! Sure go ahead, copyright isn’t mine, but credit for the awesome choreography is appreciated :mrgreen:

And now a few answers for the benefit of moronic flamers:

  1. No, I am not Pescado.
  2. No, I do not run the booty. Pescado runs the booty.
  3. No, I am not even an affiliate of PMBD.
  4. If you send me one more stupid message about how Steve from SimSlice is the nicest guy in the world and doesn’t deserve his pay stuff to be posted online, I will put all of SimSlice’s pay stuff on the torrents.

Have a nice day!

Anti-paysite FAQ

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