Rob Blanc! ROB BLANC! And Childhood Gaming Nostalgia

26 Aug 2017 at 12:13 (Random Randomness) (, , , , , , , , )

I downloaded the Rob Blanc games and some others by Yahtzee a year or two ago, but alas, modern technology and all that. And while I do still have a Windoze 98 box, it’s a lot of trouble to get out, so these games have been gathering metaphorical dust on my D drive, until I was like, oh yeah! DOS Box! Duhhhhh.

I used to love these freeware games when I was a teenager (which coincided with the rise of spyware and adware, so our PC was a mess and caused techie uncle to get really frustrated with us). Anyway! So the thing is, I was all, “Oh yeah! Piranha! That game had an awesome soundtrack!” It really does. We still have the CD somewhere, I’m wondering if I can find it and play that on DOSBox too. I was really hoping to rip the soundtrack, although it’s been done here

but I wanted at least ten minutes of looping for my fave tracks. The easiest way if I can’t get the game to run on DOSBox without lag (my netbook is sooooo slow, even if it can handle the game, I’m not sure it can handle recording on Audacity at the same time) would just be to run it on the old 98 box and connect a cable from the sound output on there to the mic input on here, but I can’t figure out which cable I need exactly. I’m not that techie. So if anyone knows the type and can link me to one on scamazon or wherever, that’d be awesome.

Also, I lied. The main reason I got DOSBox was cos LINE WARS! I was super obsessed with this game when I was 18. Line Wars II. Line Wars II! Line Wars II is now also available as DS Homebrew!

Oh, and Acid Tetris. I loved these two tracks

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