Lenovo Tab3 7 Review

23 Jul 2017 at 15:01 (Random Randomness) (, , , , )

No, I’m not reviewing the same product twice. My last review was for the Tab3 7 Essential, which had major battery problems. I purchased that one from Argos, who kept me waiting almost 6 weeks, until I got fed up and went in person to ask what was going on, only to be told that there had been “complications” in getting it to the repair service, which my sister said was code for “one of the staff nicked it”. Well good luck to whoever did, if that is the case. May the tablet die on you at the most inconvenient times.

Now as I said, apart from the battery issues, the tablet was pretty good. I spent a long time looking at different models, only to come back to Lenovo. Why? Well one thing I can’t stand is bloatware. With Windoze, you can easily uninstall pretty much anything (except maybe SuckyROM 7 and Babylon, which require headaches as a pre-requisite), but not so on Android. Too many manufacturers force a load of crapware on you that you cannot uninstall. I mean, you can disable it, but it’s still there, eating up your disk space. Lenovo tends to do clean installations, which is a big plus point in their favour. The only crapware I can’t remove is the g00gle crap, which is g00gle’s fault.

In terms of performance, I haven’t noticed it to be any better than the Essential, even though this model has 2GB of RAM compared to the Essential’s 1GB. This model also has support for multiple users and a kid-friendly mode (not features I care for, but many others might find useful). I can also change my lock-screen wallpaper, which the Essential doesn’t allow you to do. One dumb thing about this: most devices will adjust the wallpaper depending on your screen orientation, but this will only let you set it to one orientation, then distort the image to fit the other. So if you set your wallpaper as portrait, turning your screen to landscape will create a ridiculously stretched out image. There may be a way to fix this, I haven’t really tried.

The Gallery app seems a bit buggy, as it labels every single folder as “Camera” for some reason. But this is g00gle’s fault I believe.

The adaptive display is a nice feature, putting a yellow tone over the screen in reading mode to soften the harsh contrasts, which I really like. It’s a bit daft though, as you then can’t manually adjust brightness. I mean, you can move the slider, but the brightness doesn’t always change. I guess the software is thinking: “the lighting is dim, you don’t need it brighter!” Well if I didn’t need it brighter, I wouldn’t be trying to make it brighter, right?

Now the battery life is okay. It’s nothing particularly impressive, but I can go about 4 days between charges, even with half an hour of video a day, some Duolingo, Telegram, and TVTropes eating my soul in the early hours. I hate you, TV Tropes 😥 . And it has not suddenly cut out on me or suffered sudden death while in sleep mode. If you are the kind of person who lives on their tablet (Hi, Sis!), then you might need to charge this every day or two.

My verdict: forget the Essential, it’s a complete waste of money. Spend a bit extra for the regular model. I give this 4.5/5.

PS I did NOT buy this from Argos.

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