Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential Review

12 Jun 2017 at 18:47 (Random Randomness) (, , , )

Yes, I finally got round to buying a tablet, as this computer (see the review) is so painfully slow. I really just wanted something to browse the net with, access my emails without having to load up my PC or the inevitable crash if using this fossil of a phone my parents donated to me.

Now what I will say is that the Tab3 is more powerful than my PC. It can actually handle Youtube and web-browsing without crying. I installed a few language-learning apps on it, the more functional tablet-version of Telegram, and they work fine. The screen res is nice, the display is crisp and clear. The cameras probably suck, though I never used them much.

Now I have to qualify all that by saying the battery causes all sorts of problems. It frequently just suddenly dies in the middle of use, even when there is 30%+ battery life still showing. If you leave it in sleep mode overnight, chances are it’ll have completely drained by morning and you won’t even be able to switch it on until you’ve charged it at least 10 minutes. Even on the times it’s working okay, the battery still drains quite quickly. An hour of Internet browsing, even with screen brightness on minimum and sound off, can take you from 100% to 50%. No lie.

I thought I just had a faulty unit, but other people are having similar problems. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that the Tories (who else?) gave with one hand and took away with another. In the UK you are no longer entitled to an automatic refund on faulty goods unless you report the fault within 30 days. The problem with dodgy hardware is it’s not always so obvious. Thanks, Tories. So now I am stuck with a faulty tablet that can die on me at any time, therefore rendering it useless as a mobile device. Only I’m not, because Argos sent it for repairs over a month ago, and the staff have no idea themselves what is going on with it. Thanks again, Tories.

I really don’t know what it is with tech I buy from Argos. DSi — couldn’t switch it off or return to main menu while it was charging, although this eventually disappeared with a firmware update. Wacom Bamboo — well is not fault, is feature: the nibs wear down super quickly. Netbook — faulty. Archos MP3 player — faulty. Lenovo Tab3 — faulty.

Final verdict: it’s a good budget tablet if you’re willing to keep it plugged in 24/7 and maybe not even then. 2/5 as it is. 5/5 if they sort out the sudden death.

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