Poetry by the The East Cheam Cultural Progressive Society

25 Jun 2016 at 18:29 (Random Randomness) ()

All credit to Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. We never did get to hear Greta’s poem.

Tin Can, by Gregory

Splish, splash, splonk.
Wooden shoes, red socks,
Carvings, tombstones, and tranquillisers.
Aspirins and driving tests
Jet-planes and skeletons.
Frog singing to egg-timer.
Calendars and candles upside down,
Plastic apples on coconut trees.
Splish, splash, splonk.

Blank Detail, by Rupert

Straw in the wind,
Straw in the wind,
Straw in the wind,
Straw in the wind,
Straw in the wind.
Fly, fly, fly!

Incandescence, by William

Hic haec hoc
Rinky tinky on purple grass
Shafts of light
Hobnailed boots
Tramping down the bamboo
That grows upwards,
Downwards, sideways
Into the concrete cosmos
Life is mauve
I am orange.
Hic haec hoc.

The Ashtray, by Anthony

Steel rods of reason through my head.
Salmon jumping; where jump I?
Camels on fire, and spotted clouds.
Striped horses prance the meadow wild
And rush on to drink at life’s fountains deep.
Life is cream, I am puce.
Ching chang chollah.

Limbo, by Sidney

Mauve world, green me
Black him, purple her
Yellow us, pink you
Lead pipes, fortune made
Six to four, come in second
Green country, blue Haringey and White City
Hic haec hoc.

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