Clarys’s Song

13 March 2016 at 20:14 (Random Randomness, Translations) (, , , , )

I seem to have this terrible habit of killing off my protagonists’ parents (count: 5/6 protagonists so far). Since Kiki has a song mourning the loss of her father, I thought it would be nice for Clarys to have a song too. Evil. I have no creativity: Clarys and Kiki both lost their mothers when they were babies, and then their fathers when they were children. I’m terrible.

Because I cannot compose melodies to save my life, I used this lovely lullaby sung by the amazing Erika Ferris. I hope it is not considered disrespectful to compose alternative lyrics for a traditional folk song.

Now I have a feeling my lyrics have grammatical/vocab mistakes in them. If any of them are a case of “This REALLY doesn’t mean what you think it means,” please do correct them. If, however, they can be excused by poetic licence and/or that fact that this song would have been written by a ten year old girl, please do so! Writing lyrics in a language you are not proficient in is hard enough, but to get them to fit to a melody is even harder. So please don’t rain on my parade except to save me from looking stupid. If you want to record these, it’s fine, but be sure to check with a native speaker that the lyrics are okay before you do 🙂

I might draw a picture to go with this, but it’s been a super long time since I drew a proper piece, so I dunno.

Hoshi o miagete,
futari de yozora o
mitsumeta to omoidashite,
kokoro ga itai.
I look up at the stars,
and I remember how the two of us would watch the night sky together,
and I feel a pain in my heart.
Hoshi no katachi
wa ai no nagare o
tadoru deshou ka? Namida
tsugi tsugi chiru.
Will the pattern of the stars trace
the flow of my love?
My tears fall one by one.
Ima, shizukesa
ni hitori de tatteru.
Namida ni hoshiakari
ga zutto utsuru.
Now I stand alone in the silence.
My tears will forever reflect the starlight.
Namida ni watashi no ai
ga zutto utsuru.
My tears will forever reflect my love.

Japanese and English lyrics both © Clarissa S/Silver Arrows 2016. All Rights Reserved.


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