Blast from the Past — Tinkle Tots!

27 September 2015 at 17:22 (Random Randomness) (, , )


Tomy’s Tinkle Tots, also called Pipi Baby, and Bikinis.

I have two islands and three shells. The shells we got from one of those discount shops in Wood Green, mid 90s. I believe I was already in secondary school, or near to it, at the time we got these. I remember fixating on them and dreaming about having the full set 😦 As in actually dreaming. I really wanted the Rainbow Shower Island, and a Lullaby Moon. I remember the adverts, even though I believe they stopped airing long before we got these. “In their lullaby moooooon!”

My sister has the boat island, with one of the brown haired boys.

The islands we found some months later in Woolworths, reduced to clear. They were the proper retail quality UK versions (no gender-bending!)

Enough talking! Time for pictures!


I’m starting to think the sitting boy didn’t come with the island after all, because he has female parts (lolz) and the ones with the wrong parts were among those that were sent to the discount shop (there were also girls with boys’ bodies. I think my mum bought loads of them and gave them out as gifts. My sis and I got to keep the girls with girl parts heh).


The booklet, that I spent ages looking over. This must have come from a shell one, as it’s the French version. I didn’t get to keep the original packaging, because my mum.


I wanted a Rainbow Shower Island and a bottle one, and a Lullaby Moon.



Bikinis Special Offer
Collect points on each box of Bikinis.
To receive your Bikinis poster, stick the required number of Bikinis points on a blank sheet, fill out the form overleaf and send them all to the address given. Offer available until 31st March 1994. You will receive your gift within 4 weeks. If the gift is no longer available, Tomy reserves the right to send another product of the same value.

It was already too late for me 😦


Jumping Jetty Island


He’s my fave of the boys.


Water Slide Island



I honestly can’t remember which doll came with this island.


May even have been her. She got a name: Clarissa *blush* I think the jetty boy may have had a name, too, but I forget. I think my sister’s brown hair boy may have been called Brian??



The shells all had dummies. I’ve lost one of mine. There’s a space under the cushions that I used to keep the dummies safe.


Well that’s all. Just for the record: no, these are not for sale. I’m very fond of these, so no offer short of £1m will get consideration, kthnx 😉

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