27 Sep 2015 at 18:03 (Random Randomness) (, , )

I tend to buy avocados, and then not eat them. Anyway, this time, I decided to be serious about planting the seed and seeing if I could get it to germinate.

Online there’s all this long stuff about toothpicks and jars of water, who has the time? So I just chucked it in a pot of compost, left it on my windowsill and kept it moist. After about two months, there was nothing happening — or so it seemed. When I started to empty the pot, the seed had cracked and a root was growing out! So back into the pot it went, a quick prayer that I hadn’t killed it, and after a couple more weeks, I was rewarded with this!


So I took a few pictures over the following weeks:

Okay, I thought I took more photos than I actually did.

13/09/15 — Finally repotted it. I gave it a worm.

13/09/15 — Nice big leaves, but —

13/09/15 — Showing signs of illness.

22/09/15 — Getting worse.

22/09/15 — Close up of damage. I have no idea what the cause is. I have a feeling I may lose this plant.

22/09/15 — Back of leaf

27/09/15 — All old leaves removed. New ones are growing, but I now have an aphid problem from infested thyme (always causing me problems, thyme).

01/01/16 — The plant had already died by this point 😦

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