Dolls House Update 11/07/15 – Getting better

11 July 2015 at 20:35 (Artwork, Random Randomness) (, , )

So I mentioned in my last update that I bought some (I hope) better quality paint. Two in titanium white and one in silver. Got it from quickdraw on eBay, who had a buy 3, get 20% off offer. And because I’m good at working out 20%, I realised I could get them at £6.40 each.



That’s cardstock I got for the wallpaper. It shows just how yellow the Wilko paint got!

So I got the Royal and Langnickel brand. This new paint is glossier when applied, as you can see below:


It does seem to be better than the Wilko stuff. Gloopier and slightly better coverage.

I’ve given everything a coat, except the roof. And the underside has already had two coats.


Giving Cal’s bed a coat as well. I think I’ll make his bed silver though.


Now the back of the pack says that the colour will remain intense and bright. So I’m taking them at their word. I really need to get a move on as the spare room is going to be needed in under a week! Better get cracking!


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