London Expo 2012 Pics

5 July 2015 at 17:54 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness) (, , , , , )

Because why not? 😀





Creepy *shiver*

Yeah! This dude was the only KI-related thing in the ENTIRE Expo. That’s why I’m never going to one again, because they never cater for the smaller fandoms, only the mainstream, which fair enough, they wanna cater to the majority so they can shift their stock, but there might be at least one or two stalls that sell merch from the smaller fandoms, ie KID ICARUS AND ACE ATTORNEY. But no, not even one mention of them. Tokyo Toys is the same.

Anyway I blurred out his face cos I didn’t tell him I was gonna post his pic on the intarwebz. He has a Link tattoo.

Moomin stall. So cute!

I don’t know why miniature food is so cute. I’m sure people get more excited over miniature food than the real thing.



These Stormtroopers area freaking creepy, so seriously. I was scared to walk past them, and when I did, it was a full RETREAT! And yes, I did actually shout “RETREEEEEAAAT!!!” as I ran away. Seriously, they are scary!!!

Pikachuuuu! His friend/co-worker was feeding him Pocky through the bottom opening of his outfit, and I realised while writing that, that that sounds really potty, and who thought you could fit three “thats” in a row and still make sense?

Snake vs Sonic. Epic battle! Sonic won! Cos I say he did! Get back in your cardboard box, Snakey!

Oh this was so cool! The last battle was won by an English teacher and he did an awesome victory speech about Othello and Desdemona. I was the first to start clapping at that, even though I’ve never read Othello,but cos I’m a nerd and stuff and referencing literature at your victory speech is AWESOME.
I kinda wish I’d volunteered since they wanted noobs and I’ve only played this once (though I was Queen of SSF2 on the SNES in 6th form. I was unbeatable, cos I have Aspie obsession and they didn’t, so I kicked their sorry butts). Oh sorry, where was I? Ho yeah, it was super fun anyway.

I totally want a yukata. And even a full kimono. It would be so excellent.

Oh my gosh. They were doing a promo video for this, and I watched a bit cos I wanted a sit down. And then there was a bit where there was a man called Seb, he was the protag, and the dragon plucked his heart out from his chest, and I started to feel sick and my sis noticed and got me out of there.

I’m told this is Resident Evil.

The end!

I SO totally wanna do a Smash Bros Brawl LARP. Who’s in?


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