Dolls House Update 05/07/15 Hiccup #948682

5 July 2015 at 20:08 (Artwork, Random Randomness) (, , )

Oh wow, every single stage of this is going wrong, but so far, all the previous problems were solvable. This one is even worse than the uneven floor board in the dining area.

So at the last update, I realised that water-based polyurethane varnish and emulsion paint do not go well together. So I set about repainting the whole thing once more in acrylic.

But things are STILL going wrong.


Because the paint is turning freakin’ YELLOW!


At first I thought that maybe it was the varnish reacting with the acrylic that I painted over it.


Because the most obviously yellow bit is the underside (the house is still upside down) and that was where I put the varnish. And it does seem to end suddenly. The yellowing, I mean.


But then I noticed other parts are also discolouring.


Some parts are still white, some parts are yellow. And I can’t find a pattern to it.


Is it just a quality control issue? I did use 6 different tubes, maybe some of them yellowed and some didn’t?



It’s pretty bad. I’ve tried Yahoo Answers, but no response yet. I have a feeling this is one that’s going to go unanswered, but here’s hoping.

So what to do now? I’ve just ordered two 500ml tubs of Royal and Langnickel white acrylic (the reviews on Amazon were mixed, but what can I do?) and a tub of silver, because I’m not sure I want to use a spray paint that lists its hazards as carcinogenic and harmful to unborn babies among other things :O I still have the dolls house bed and Cal’s bed to paint.

Lesson to everyone who is planning on making a dolls house of out paper mache: DON’T. Make it out of wood, for seriously. It’s a LOT less trouble.


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