Dolls’ House Update 22/06/15

22 June 2015 at 13:03 (Artwork, Random Randomness) (, )

So what I did was give the whole thing 2-3 coats of white emulsion, which my parents just happened to have lying about.



And I started painting what was meant to be charcoal panels, but somehow still ended up black.

Just to remind you what it should have looked like:



And what it actually looked like:


Okay, so even after I touched it up, it was time for the painting stage’s obligatory problems.

To obtain the glitter effect, I used Stickles Diamond on the “charcoal” parts, only it looks very different on paint from how it does in the bottle, ie, RED. So I had to repaint over the “charcoal” (let’s just call it black), and this time I used the teal and purple glitters, mixed with some leftover diluted PVA from Cal’s bed. This looked a LOT better. So that’s that, I thought. Almost finished! Now it’s time to varnish and this stage is clear!

Only… water-based varnish doesn’t work so well on emulsion paint. I know this because I tried. Apparently, it’s more suited to acrylic paint, since acrylic and polyurethane are both plastic. So I’ve had to buy 6 tubes of white acrylic (which I’ve already used up and I still have more painting to go) and paint over all the emulsion with another 2 coats, because it’s only cheap Wilko acrylic paint, so the coverage isn’t all good. Also, this masking tape isn’t up to much, and I do need to be sure that all the emulsion is covered, so…

(Note the house is currently upside down.)




So YAY! Paint job no.3 is due to commence as soon as I’ve got more acrylic to finish re-coating the emulsion! And then another coat of glitter! I swear, every stage of this project has had something go wrong, but you know what? I’m not gonna complain, since it IS still on track.

Okay, so that’s where it’s up to now. Next step: buy truckloads more acrylic paint and learn how to mix charcoal.


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