New Project: Paper Mache Dolls’ House

15 March 2015 at 20:49 (Artwork, Random Randomness) (, , )

I’ve mentioned before how much I want a dolls’ house. Not a toy one — I do have one of those, although don’t ask how that came to be — but a proper collector’s one. And though I could afford to buy one, having more money than sense, I can’t justify spending £1000s on one (have you seen how much the furniture costs?), especially when you can make a real-life house for £150.

In any case, I still want one. I’ve actually been planning on making a paper mache tower for YEARS now. There are long panels of cardboard festering away behind my wardrobe, for seriously. But I never did get round to it. So a few weeks ago, I felt like I wanted to get on with it, so I looked up paper mache dolls’ houses online to see if anyone else had done it. And I came across only one site that mentions it, and that’s lolasminihomes. Looking at that, I learnt some tricks to making my dolls’ tower, only now I am more ambitious. Why make a tower when you can make a restaurant? Heck, why make a teeny-tiny restaurant when you can make a BIG restaurant with LIVING QUARTERS above? You see, I never do things by halves — and then set myself up for disappointment, because I always get bored halfway through and give it up. So how far do you reckon I’ll get into this project before I get bored?

The other problem with doing such a big building is WHERE THE HECK AM I GOING TO PUT IT? My room is already jam-packed and it doesn’t help that I have to share it with my two idiots — I’m talking about my birds.

Birds who will also mess all over my dolls’ house, meaning even if I do find space for it in my room, it will have to stay covered all the time just to not resemble the bottom of their cage (seriously, they can projectile poo, it’s crazy).

Anyway, just to bring this whole blog back on topic, I used Sims 2 to plan out a basic design, so here it is:

Front view:

Back view:

Starting with the ground floor:

Restaurant Kitchen:

Main dining area:



Outdoor dining area:

Restaurant toilets:

Moving up to the first floor:

Open-plan living room/kitchen:






Okay so in theory it should look something like that. However translating it to a cardboard 1:12 scale construction isn’t QUITE so straightforward. Having said that, even though I’ve had to make a few tweaks even at this early stage, it’s still on track:


The card under the stairs is just for support during the design stage. As soon as it’s paper mache’d it’s going to be removed. Also as you can see, I only had space for one window next to the front door 😦

Restaurant kithen:

That’s as far as I’ve got. If anyone is still reading, I’m worried that mould will destroy my paper mache. Does anyone know if potassium sorbate mixed into the paste can help prevent mould? I have a bag of the stuff and I think it may be more effective than bicarbonate of soda as an anti-fungal but not sure how well it would work in paper mache? And does glue-based paper mache go mouldy?


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