Blast from the Past! Sindy Part Two — AKA repairing the tired old childhood memory

15 March 2015 at 19:09 (Random Randomness) (, , )


I tell you something, if I really want to win an auction on eBay, no one will ever be able to outbid me 😉


It was actually as I was writing the other whine about the microphone that I found this auction on eBay, so there you go. I seem to be quite lucky like this: I was just going to buy some BSC books, when a 75 book collection was listed. And I won that one, too, damn straight! 😉

So anyway, not content with spending more money on bits of mass-produced moulded plastic than said moulded plastic was actually worth, I had to bid on these two beauties as well, because, well, why not?


Th thing is, with these things, I buy them, go yay and then lock them up and rarely look at them again. It’s the same with my Gyakuten Saiban gashapons. Well, I have Apollo on my DS and Klavier on my GBA, but Phoenix and Edgey are locked up to keep them safe. What a waste.

So the one on the right is a Romance and Roses, which was the one my mum had originally planned to buy me as my first Sindy. The other one, I have no idea. The doll is from the City Girl moulding, but I can’t identify the outfit.


And that is what the non-broken arm socket looks like 😀




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