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17 January 2015 at 20:41 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

Translator’s note: I don’t really want to localise these anymore, so I’m doing a straight translation, keeping the Japanese setting, but using the English names to make it easier to follow for fans of the English release. Maya’s favourite food in the Japanese release is miso ramen.

[Picture text]
Phoenix: If you’re not actually buying anything, go home.
Edgeworth: Hm, I’m thirsty though…
Phoenix: This isn’t a coffee shop, even though Maya is getting the tea and things out.
Edgeworth: Wright’s stinginess…


Round 1 – September 2004 Issue

Lately, Takumi-san has been asked about the the situation at the Wright and Co Law Office. Are Phoenix and Maya the same as ever..?!

Maya: Long time no see, everyone!
Phoenix: Hello! It’s Phoenix Wright here!
Maya: Yay, Phoenix! We finally get our magazine debut!
Phoenix: For once, I actually need you to get psyched up and chatty.
Maya: That’s right! I’m stoked!
Phoenix: Let’s get started. The topic is “summer”.
Maya thinking Summer, huh? In summer it’s hot, right… and, um, every day.
Phoenix sweating And all of a sudden it’s back to the ordinary.
Maya: Of course, there was that time when we put barley tea in the somen. Us being Japanese and all.
Phoenix: Yeah, that was actually pretty cool.
Maya: I’d accidentally soaked the noodles in barley tea. “This flavour is awful!” I thought.
Phoenix: Yep, that was an exquisite story of failure.
Maya: Hey, listen. I wonder if Detective Gumshoe is slurping away noisily at his somen today, as well.
Phoenix: Really, what he does is not relevant at all to the season.
Maya: But the image of noodles is entirely synonymous with Detective Gumshoe.
Phoenix: And you, with your miso ramen.
Maya: Me, this year I’ll be aiming high, for sure. “Best Miso Ramenist!”
Phoenix: Well, okay, good for you, I guess.
Maya: Anyhow, in summer, lightly flavoured noodles are best.
Phoenix: Speaking of which, what is Pearls’s favourite type of noodle?
Maya: Ahh, Pearly… She loves soba: buckwheat noodles.
Phoenix: Yeah, that has a real feeling of a Japanese summer.
Maya: By the way, what about Edgeworth?
Phoenix: Being who he is, I’d probably say spaghetti is his favourite.
Maya: Something so ordinary as that? BORING!
Phoenix: No, no, I don’t know for sure. I mean, that’s just the kind of impression I get from him.
Maya: Well, as far as I’m concerned, I think he should like something like kishimen [flat wide-stripped noodles].
Phoenix: Kishimen?
Maya: Hey! The flat noodles sticking out his mouth would perfectly suit the frills on his neck.
Phoenix: Wow, maybe I’ll actually recommend that to him next time.
Maya: Well, then. How about you?
Phoenix: Me? My favourite noodle, huh..?
Maya: What? You do have one, don’t you?
Phoenix thinking Yeah, yeah, I do. It’s rice noodles, I suppose.
Maya: … Eh? What’s that?
Phoenix: What? You don’t know?
Maya: No, never heard of them.
Phoenix: Fried rice nodes are delicious. They have this real feeling on twisting in your throat.
Maya: How on Earth could I have never heard of these? “Rice noodles”..?
Phoenix: Really, don’t worry about. That’s just the sort I like, that’s all.
Maya smug Look, the image you present is important. Just to be on the safe side, we’ll add some pan-friend noodles with squid.
Phoenix: … Why do you need to add squid?
Maya: If you let a bad image take hold, you’ll end up getting into trouble like me.
Phoenix: Huh? But that’s what you like, right? Miso ramen.
Maya: Yeah, I love it, but this season I’d like to eat some chilled Chinese cuisine.
Phoenix: Yeah, you should eat that.
Maya: But! But! What about everyone else’s expectations of me?
Phoenix: Their expectations?
Maya happy “Look at that! It’s our regular miso ramen customer, Maya!” That kind of thing.
Phoenix: Ahh.
Maya: That’s why, reluctantly, dripping with sweat, I’ll be slurping away at my ramen, even though I’ll be suffering in the heat.
Phoenix: You are way too self-conscious, Maya.


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