Page 32 — Typhoon

17 January 2015 at 20:54 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )


Round 13 — September 2005 Issue

A typhoon is coming! Now, just in case, Maya and Pearl can think of nothing but preparing for it. In the middle of this, is Phoenix too busy and worn out?!

Phoenix: Uhhh… Is it morning already? I’m so hungry…

Maya: Pearly! Quick! Let’s batten down this window, too!

Pearl normal Yes, Mystic Maya! Here are the hammer and nail.

Maya stoked Great job! Let’s do this!

Phoenix sweating W-what are you doing this early in the morning?

Maya: It’s awful! Purapiruun is already on her way here!

Phoenix: P-Purapiruun? What’s that? Some kind of monster?

Pearl: Purapiruun is the name of Typhoon #13 that’s in the middle of approaching!

Phoenix: Typhoon…

Maya: According to the news report, every typhoon as its own name.

Pearl: There’s a Typhoon Committee in charge of choosing names for the typhoons.

Phoenix thinking I’ve never heard of this. Is there a reason Typhoon 13 is called Purapiruun?

Maya delighted It’s cute, huh? It’s like polypropylene.

Pearl: By the way, Purapiruun is the Thai name for the goddess of rain.

Maya: Huh? Thai? Oh, so that’s why!

Phoenix: Why are you so shocked?

Maya: Ages ago, that’s what I thought typhoon meant. Thai-phoon.

Phoenix: I’m just going to tell you right now that that’s wrong. Totally wrong.

Maya: Anyway, we must get ready! We have to reinforce all the windows.

Phoenix: Stop it, won’t you? This building is more or less made of reinforced iron.

Maya: You say that, but there’s a rumour that Purapiruun is really a serious one.

Phoenix: It’s the 13th typhoon. We really don’t need that plywood.

Maya: Oh come on, Nick, let’s enjoy life a bit more.

Phoenix: W-what do you mean?

Maya: The temperature is basically low, right? So we could hold a festival for the typhoon, couldn’t we?

Phoenix no Don’t even think about it. I’ve barely been able to sleep for the last 3 days.

Maya worried Ahh. You have been staying indoors for absolutely ages.

Phoenix: I prefer to call it “secluding myself”. I mean, I am at work.

Pearl: Is today’s trial really as complicated as that?

Phoenix: Yeah. This room is starting to look like solitary confinement.

Pearl: I suppose you are like a prisoner, aren’t you?

Phoenix: Especially since you’ve started boarding up the windows. I’m starting to feel as gloomy and confined as a prisoner.

Maya: That reminds me, hasn’t it been said: “Everyone is a prisoner in the cage called life”?

Phoenix: Eh? Who said that?

Maya: Well, I don’t actually know. Someone is bound to have said something like that. It’s one of those things that at first glance seems perfectly reasonable, but if you really think about it, the words just make you think, “Who cares?”.

Phoenix: … You’re just making up random things. Forgetting that, is it breakfast time yet?

Pearl: Ah. It should be ready any time soon. I shall go and see to it.

Maya: But anyway. Nick, you really look weak this morning.

Phoenix: I am. I suppose my blood pressure is low.

Maya: Around 975 hectopascals, maybe?

Phoenix: You know that’s for atmospheric pressure, right.

Maya: Yeah, but you’re a type of typhoon, if you think about it.

Phoenix: How do you figure that?

Maya thinking Listen, it’s like this. All the places you go to, you cause these great disasters.

Phoenix thinking Disasters..?

Maya: In Kurain Village, in Lordly Tailor, The Hero of Heroes award ceremony… oh and Hazakura Temple, to name just a few.

Phoenix: Oh… Ohhhhhh! You mean the court cases.

Maya: Everywhere you go, you’re like a typhoon-class disaster, causing trouble for someone, aren’t you?

Phoenix: But that’s what I’m best known for!

Maya: But at the centre of the storm, it’s quiet and peaceful, isn’t it. For you to not have any self-awareness of this isn’t good, I think.

Phoenix: B-but! In all those cases, you were there, too, weren’t you? We worked those cases together.

Maya: Yeah, I’m there, right. At the actual location of the typhoon, flying in the wind, I’ll be reporting as the “Weather Big Sister”. That’s the kind of thing I’m there for.

Phoenix: …I kind of feel that that’s more my role, though.

Maya: Well, going back to Typhoon 13, I’ll start calling you Purapiruun for a while.

Phoenix: Please stop. Do I look like a rain goddess? Purapiruun, indeed.

Maya smug Maybe I should call you “Polypropylene” instead.

Phoenix sweating That’s enough.

Maya: You’re so selfish. What if I simply call you “Number 13”?

Phoenix: What is this?

Pearl: Hello, breakfast is ready! Because you have a trial today, I tried to create a good omen.

Phoenix: Ah, thank you.

Pearl: Well, please eat as much as you like.

Maya smug Hey, Number 13. It’s a Victory Bowl.

Phoenix: And with that one word, the plate makes me start to feel the gloom of a prisoner.

Maya: That reminds me. Isn’t it said that: “In the solitary cell’s Victory Bowl, and in the Mess Hall’s Victory Bowl, the victory is equal for everyone.”

Phoenix: And you’re just making up random nonsense again!


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