Page 28 — New Wardrobe

17 January 2015 at 20:36 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

BEHOLD: The first glimpse of Phoenix’s bedroom!


Round 11 – July 2005 Issue

The season is changing, and it’s starting to feel more and more like early summer weather. Phoenix’s friends think that he always has the same look, so of course, he’ll be having a proper change of wardrobe now?!

Phoenix: Hello, I’m back!

Pearl: Welcome back! Please have some cold barley tea!

Phoenix: Thank you. This will refresh me.

Maya: So? So? What happened? Did you get the request?

Phoenix: No, I was rejected in the end.

Maya: Huuuuuh? Why?

Phoenix: So I’ve been at the detention centre since morning doing the interview, and it ended up being completely pointless.

Maya: It was a murder suspect right? You were speaking to him on the phone before.

Phoenix: I’m worried, you know. This month has been really bad.

Maya: Hmmm, what do you think, Pearly?

Pearl normal Well, his face is a little tired, isn’t it?

Maya thinking Nick, you didn’t have too much fun on Golden Week, did you?

Phoenix sweating Are you sure that’s not yourself you’re thinking of?

Maya: Well, okay, yes, me too. I don’t seem to have had much luck, lately.

Pearl: Mr Nick, how about you?

Phoenix: Well, let’s see. There was a prize draw recently, and I was lucky enough to win a T-shirt, I guess.

Maya: Huh? What prize draw?

Phoenix: From a CD I bought. There was this offer in it.

Pearl: Mr Nick, what kind of music do you like listening to?

Phoenix thinking Lately I’m into punk rock. Galaxy Devil Killer Panthers.

Maya sweating What kind of stupid name is that?

Phoenix: Well, that’s the sort I listen to. The T-shirt design is kind of at that low level, too.

Pearl: But it’s still good, Mr Nick! You’re lucky!

Maya smug It’s bad sprits, you know.

Phoenix: That reminds me. It’s June now, right? It’s time to change our wardrobe for the season.

Pearl: “Change our wardrobe”? Can you tell me more about it?

Phoenix: As far as explaining it, there isn’t really much to say, is there?

Maya: Well. Imagine it from the point of view of a prawn. It transforms plain wheat flour to tempura flour. That’s the kind of feeling it evokes.

Pearl: Ah! That makes so much sense!

Phoenix: That is honestly the worst metaphor ever.

Maya: All right, Pearly! Today we are going to be daring and get out our summer clothes!

Pearl: Yes, Mystic Maya!

Phoenix: Wait, summer clothes? Aren’t your clothes always summer clothes?

Maya: Yeah yeah yeah, you’re so naive, Nick!

Pearl: It’s true our costumes are even suitable for summer business.

Phoenix: So what’s actually changing then?

Pearl: Of course, it’s the fabric, I think. I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s cooler…

Maya: That’s right!

Phoenix: So, this fabric, what is it?

Maya: Eh! Well for sure, it’s, umm, that. That. That… polypropylene.

Phoenix: What on Earth is that?

Maya: It’s cool, right? Polypropylene. It’s cute.

Phoenix: I swear that’s all you want to talk about.

Maya: No. Just once in a while, I really want to start talking about polypropylene.

Phoenix: But in the first place, it’s just a chemical fibre.

Maya: Yeah, but you’re a fine one to talk.

Phoenix: Huh? What?

Maya: All the time, you just have your blue suit and your pink tie. That’s all you wear.

Phoenix: I wear a T-shirt under my shirt and I change that every day.

Pearl: Yes, that’s as you’d expect.

Phoenix: Well, I guess soon I’ll have to get my summer wardrobe ready.

Maya: A polypropylene one?

Phoenix: Even today it was really hot at the detention centre. I had to take my jacket off during the interview.

Maya: It’s hot in this office, too. Why don’t you take your jacket off now as well?

Phoenix: Ahhh — at last. I’m only just feeling back to normal.

Pearl: Oh! Mr Nick!

Phoenix: Huh, what is it, Pearls?

Pearl: You can see some words on the T-shirt under your shirt!

Phoenix: Oh darn it! I didn’t have much time this morning, so I just put on my clothes anyhow.

Maya: I don’t suppose you went to the detention centre dressed like that, Nick?

Phoenix: I did, though. What’s written on it?

Maya: It says “KILL YOU” very clearly and vividly.

Phoneix eh? Eh?

Pearl serious Did you go to the meeting with the defendant like that?

Maya ZOMG No wonder he rejected your offer to defend him!

Phoenix: Ah! It’s the Galaxy Devil Killer Panthers T-shirt.

Pearl: Oh, of course, Mr Nick! You were so lucky to win that!

Maya sweating It’s bad spirits, you know.


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