Page 26 — Golden Week

17 January 2015 at 20:29 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

Translator’s note: Golden Week is a week-long holiday in Japan. I don’t even know how to go about localising this one, so you’re getting the Japanese version.

There were a few places I got stuck and had to guess at the meaning.

Mayoi = Maya, Harumi/Hami-chan = Pearl/Pearly, Naruhodou/Naruhodo = Phoenix/Nick, Mitsurugi = Edgeworth, Mei = Franziska, Yappari = Larry, Tonosaman = Steel Samurai, Nanja = Jammin’ Ninja.


With the excitement of the long holiday in sight, Mayoi-chan and Harumi-chan can think of nothing else. What kind of Golden Week are they going to have at the Naruhodou Law Offices?

Mayoi: Well then, I don’t suppose we can go to the zoo and the theme park?

Harumi: Ah. There’s a public stand-and-watch district circus!

Mayoi: Oh we mustn’t miss that! After that, we’ll go hiking and have a picnic, too.

Harumi: Me, I want to make curry rice at the campfire!

Mayoi: Oh that will be cool. That will be after the barbecue, right.

Harumi smiling The next day, we’ll pick strawberries and cherries, if that’s okay with you.

Mayoi delighted Oh we’ll do loads of fruit-picking! Oh! Nanja is coming to the ninja village!

Harumi: I hear there’s going to be a mermaid at the aquarium!

Mayoi: That reminds me! We must also go shopping at the department store.

Harumi: At this supermarket, there’s going to be a rooftop show of Tonosaman!

Mayoi: What, why didn’t you tell me earlier, Hami-chan?!

Harumi: Where should we fit in the Hazakura ultra course?

Mayoi: Hmm… After we’ve visited the graves at Kurain, I think.

Naruhodou: Hold on. What are you two getting all excited about now?

Mayoi: We’re settling it. Our plans for Golden Week.

Naruhodou: How many weeks do you think you have? That’s no reason to come in!

Mayoi: So you say, Naruhodo-kun! You’re always too busy to ever bother taking us anywhere!

Naruhodou: Eh, what the heck?! [something about being quite lucky]. Plans.

Mayoi: What are you saying?

Naruhodou: There was a mystery from a long time ago, but what happened to hiking and a picnic?

Mayoi: It wasn’t based on the Kidnapped Lunchbox.

Naruhodou: Kidnapped..?

Mayoi: The lunchbox is the lead role in the picnic. Not passing through the checkpoint in hiking.

Harumi: I’ll be the punchbox! [The original words were bentou and benkyou]

Naruhodou: A-anyway. As for shopping at the department store. We’ll get the shopping over and done with at the supermarket together.

Mayoi: What are you talking about?! We have to go to the department store to get stylish summer wear!

Naruhodou: Stylish? Aren’t you always well-dressed?

Mayoi: Well now that you mention it, I am aren’t I?

Naruhodou: (I saw that coming.)

Mayoi: So, Hami-chan, when is this year’s Golden Week again?

Harumi: Hmm, the 1st to the 7th of May, broadly speaking.

Mayoi smug Well, “want to free for thy vix sieve-urn week!” to help you remember! [this is a terrible pun for the numbers 1-7 in Japanese, original: “hito ni sashi goro na week”]
Naruhodou sweating It’s really not necessary to join goro together (?) … It’s a little disturbing (?)

Mei smiling Golden Week? We don’t have this custom in America.

Edgey serious Instead, in Japan we don’t have a custom of taking holidays.

Naruhodou: What are you two doing here?

Mitsurugi: I’m accompanying Mei.

Mei: I had a feeling this might happen. I was told I must come here today.

Mayoi: All right! You are keeping perfectly to your minute-by-minute schedule!

Harumi: The bearded detective and Yappari-san will participate too, it seems!

Mayoi: We’ll make them a copy. Afterwards we can send it.

Harumi: Yes. Now it’s Prosecutor Mitsurugi’s and Ms Mei’s turn.

Mitsurugi: Hmph.

Mayoi: Well, give them my best regards!

Naruhodou eyes closed This year for sure, how many weeks in a row can I get to sleep? I was thinking I could set it as a challenge.

Edgey no As you’d expect, I really doubt you’d win it, Naruhodou.

Naruhodou: I have mental images of going on a trip myself, in a crowd of people, and it makes my head hurt.

Mei smug The weakness… you are exactly worthy of the name “gold”, Naruhodou Ryuuichi!

Naruhodou: What does that mean?

Mei: …… “GOLDEN WEAK.”

Naruhodou serious ……………….

Mayoi: Possibly. Is saying that for the sake of it specifically an American thing?

Mei: It would seem so…. It’s a somewhat refreshing feeling.

Mayoi smiling Ah. By the way, the taxi is here now. We can’t come because we are so randomly busy.

Harumi serious It’s hard isn’t it? Making a video game.

Mayoi: That’s why this month we should be forgiving!

Harumi: Well, have a good Golden Week!


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