Page 18 — Reminiscence 3

17 January 2015 at 20:18 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

Translation by Hikari Kaitou

Translator’s Notes: “Around the time when all the flowers were in bloom.” Flower viewing season is kind of a big deal in Japan where a lot of people make a point to visit parks with flowering trees and hold picnics and drinking parties under their branches. But it’s not a thing here in the US like it is in Japan, and since I’ve chosen to localize this translation, I’m taking slight liberties here.

“Miss Nuribilge” This is such an unusual sounding name that I figured it had to be a cultural reference of some sort, but the only possibility I could find was a male Turkish screenwriter/director. Not sure what connection they were trying to make here, so I’ll leave it alone.


Round 6 — February 2005 Issue

Perhaps due to an ongoing string of chilly days, Phoenix finds himself coming down with a cold. While reminiscing about his history with colds, he comes to realize a certain truth..?! And now in our third installment, is it finally time that a certain person who’s so far only been mentioned by name to make a proper appearance?!

phoenix Ughhhh… I’ve got some serious chills.

Pearl: Here you are, have some hot cocoa. Drink it while it’s still warm, okay?

Maya: Sounds like you’ve definitely got a cold, Nick.

Phoenix: That’d be unusual though. I mean, this’ll only be the fourth cold I’ve ever had in my life.

Pearl: Wow, it’s amazing that you can remember a detail like that!

Phoenix: …This might sound strange, but it always leaves an impression on me. Having a cold, I mean.

Maya: So then, when did you catch your first cold?

Phoenix: That would’ve been… the summer of my fourth grade year.

Pearl: In the summer? …That’s unusual.

Phoenix: I caught it from stinkin’ Larry.

Maya: Oh, from Larry.

Phoenix: I started feeling bad when I got to school that morning… I think I ended up skipping gym class.

maya Huh… W-wait, you mean — Don’t tell me that was when–?!

phoenix Yeah, the time Edgeworth had his lunch money stolen.

Maya: Y-yeah… You told me about that time.

Phoenix: That was the time I had to sit in the defendant’s chair in the class trial. I’ll never forget that incident.

Maya: And? And? When was the second time?

Phoenix: That would’ve been… the spring of my junior year of university. Around the time when all the flowers were in bloom.

Pearl: Waaaah! I love that time of year!

Phoenix: Larry’d just been dumped, so I stayed out pretty much all night with him while he drowned his sorrows in alcohol.

maya That sounds like kinda a, how do I put this… depressing way to spend a spring evening.

phoenix I woke up the next morning in the park all alone, realizing that I’d fallen asleep with my belly hanging out. I can’t tell you how empty I felt then.

pearl Ahh…

Phoenix: Right after that there was an incident where someone in my class was murdered.

Maya: Talk about awful timing.

Phoenix: That was the time I had to stand trial as a murder suspect. I’ll never forget it.

Maya: So then… what about the third time?

Phoenix: It was that time. You know, at Hazakura Shrine.

Maya: O-oh… You mean the time you fell into Eagle River in the dead of winter?

Phoenix: If Larry would’ve stopped me a little sooner, I could’ve avoided falling into the river.

Pearl: …There’s an event I’ll never forget either.

Phoenix: On top of being as sick as I was, I still had to stand as the defense in court. I’ll never forget it……….

Pearl: What’s up? You’re so quiet all of a sudden.

phoenix I suddenly noticed something: a common thread in all the times when I’ve caught cold.

maya You mean that they always seem to come when you’re about to get wrapped up in some traumatic incident?

Phoenix: That, and the fact that when I catch a cold… “that guy” is always involved somehow.

???: Heyyyyy, Nick! Ya here? *cough cough cough cough!*

Pearl: Ah! That voice…!

larry Man, I caught this crappy cold from my baby, Miss Nuribilge, see.

phoenix S-so? What’s that got to do with why you’re here?

Larry: There’s no medicine for this kinda thing in this country, so if you wanna get better your only choice is to hand your cold off to someone else!

Phoenix: GO HOME!



  1. Hikari_Kaitou said,

    Thanks so much for posting these scans! You’re my hero! As promised, I took the liberty of translating this one. Enjoy~

    [Admin note: Translation has been formatted and integrated into the post. Thank you!]

    • Silver Arrows said,

      yAyz! Thanks! I hadn’t even started this one yet 🙂 I’ll integrate your translation into the post soon.

      Edit: done and done. There were two lines of Pearl’s that you attributed to Maya, so I corrected this in the update 🙂

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