My Morning Glory Saga pt 94

2 September 2014 at 19:40 (Random Randomness) ()

Ahh, the everlasting Morning Glories.

So I think I never got round to mentioning these weird buds I saw on MG #2 a few weeks back:


They didn’t look anything like those leaf buds I was so sick of seeing:


So I mentioned in the last MG post that I’d hacked away at some leaves and started dosing them with Potassium phosphate to encourage flowers. Well who knows if it worked.

Just to rub it in, my mum’s scrawny Heavenly Blue took the time to stick its blue tongue out at me:


And MG Early Call #2 was still producing these weird buds, which I will add, look nothing like the flower buds on a HB:


The bees decided to rub it in, too:


And my firethorn was fruiting like anything, although the birds just don’t seem to care for it anymore. Mind you, it was mostly the blackbirds and robins who liked it, and I’ve not heard from them in a while.


And finally, yesterday, I was rewarded with this:


Finally! When I got back from work, I got to look properly and there were already 2 flowers open from that morning higher up:


So it’s pink flowers this time. I think it is only #2 that is flowering at the moment. It’s hard to tell though, since they are so tangled, but all the flowers so far are the same colour. So unless they are twins, I think it is just the plant on the left that is flowering so far.






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