MCoG Series Two!!!

17 August 2014 at 13:49 (Random Randomness) (, , , )

Wait! For seriously! No! How the heck did I not know about this?!! Apparently my nephew has been watching this on Kix! for some time now and I had no idea! Although I vaguely remember hearing his singing the theme and asking where he learnt it. Hmm. Only a couple of days ago he just caught the end credits and that reminded me to go looking.

See, I knew they were planning a series 2 for real this time, because was it Chalopin or Ryshpan who said the second series work was underway on the DVD interviews, but I am so seriously late to the party. I just haven’t been keeping up. Rabid Fangirl is losing her touch 😦

So as soon as I heard that the second series was out (I’m soooooo late to the party!) I had to go search on youtube. I must have read an old post that said it was only in French at the moment, so I didn’t hunt down an English version. Luckily my French is good enough to understand most of what they are saying, even if there is a big lag between hearing the words and understanding the words.

So far, it’s actually all right. I was scared they’d do an Adult Icarus and ruin everything (see NAEZ), but they’ve kept the style faithful to the original, and even kept the theme tune. I like that the voice casting (for the French version; a review says the English voice cast is pretty awful) is also faithful to the original. Zia seems less helpless in the new series and I’m not so keen on the way Esteban’s facial expressions are animated; it seems to change his character somewhat*. But overall, I’m not disappointed.

So I’ve just ordered my DVD set and I’ll do a full review when I’ve watched it!

* I remember who he reminds me of the way they’ve animated him. Ben 10 Series 1. Seriously!


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