Garden Update 11/08/14

11 August 2014 at 21:14 (Random Randomness) ()

More photos!


So this is the end of my lamb lettuce. It’s not so obvious in the photo, but most of the leaves suddenly ended up covered in powdery mildew, and smelt all sickly sweet. Definitely not edible, so I chucked them into the border. I’ll start a new crop next month, inshallah.

And here are some photos of the busy bees. They always go straight for the borage.



Borage is a wonderful companion plant. I’m also trying to grow some comfrey for the same reason. A really good site about companion planting can be found here:


Because of this, I’ve planted the borage in my room outside, and I’m trying to propogate some ivy cuttings to replace it. Apparently H. helix is very good at cleaning the air. Poo germs especially, which will be useful since I have to share a room with two messy birds.

My pepper is still doing well, although the pot is a stupid design (seriously, WHY would you design a pot to be so top-heavy? Don’t people actually think??) and therefore keeps falling over in this windy weather we’ve been having, cos of Bertha or someone.




My remaining teasels are doing okay. The plants to the right are my Nicotiana albas. No idea when they are going to flower:


My quinoa! Still quite small, although doing well. The aquilegias in my garden all seem to be succumbing to mildew 😦


And the everlasting Morning Glories. As you can see, they show no signs of slowing down (leaf-production). My Potassium phosphate arrived a few days ago, and I gave them their first dose, but it will take a month before I’ll notice if it will have had any effect or not. The other day I hacked back a few of the leaves and new shoots in the hope that the stress might cause it to flower, but really, I doubt I will see any blooms this year 😦 Next time, the best thing to do would be to replicate the conditions of the first batch I grew years ago. They were germinated in February and were flowering before I planted them out. They then got stressed from the intense sun and went a bit withery, before recovering and flowering like crazy again.


Here are photos of my first batch from 8 years ago. Oh my gosh, did I just say 8 years ago? I’m so ooooooold :crying:



And here is a nice picture of the sun through the leaves of the fig tree.



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