Custom Baby Memory/Record Book

11 July 2014 at 19:27 (Artwork, Random Randomness) (, , , )

Another baby, another book needed to save the records. The ready-made books are not really suited. It looks a bit silly when you have to cross out references to christening days and godparents and first Christmases and so on. So I thought, why not do it on the cheap and make it myself? And that way I can include only those things which will be relevant. So this is how I went from this…


… to this:


So it was simply a case of making a nice-ish cover (I originally planned to cover it with brown paper, with a heart cutout, which would be lined with red shiny paper), which I made out of cheap white paper, crinkled and washed with diluted ink (the blue hue shows up only under optimal lighting conditions), then decorated with bits and bobs.


Here are some samples of what’s inside:

So we’ve got a place here for a scan picture, and photos of the birth day.

A place for notes on the baby’s personality, and a family tree (very annoying making that one!)

Favourite things, and first signs and words (I am a very big believer in teaching babies to sign).

A month by month height and weight record, with space for photos. I did this up to 12 months.


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