First Attempt at Sewing Doll Clothes

24 May 2014 at 17:12 (Random Randomness) (, , )

So as you would not know, the inside pocket of my bag had come undone on one seam, leaving my keys to keep falling through and resulting in much fumbling around the inner lining of my bag to locate it.

So it was left to an old t-shirt to provide the new fabric of the bag’s pocket and I’m pretty proud of it, considering the sewing machine used to break when I so much as looked at it.

So with what was left of the late T-shirt, I decided to make a new outfit for my dollies (I have three now). Since Molly was the tubbiest, I used her for the size, and here is the result:


The sewing machine didn’t last long after I’d finished my bag pocket, so the entire of this dress was hand-stitched and made my eyes feel all goggly.


Unfortunately I didn’t plan the dress all that well; that’s why the seams are so weird, because I had to try to find a large enough piece of fabric to make the back.

The dress isn’t quite finished as the shoulders aren’t actually attached to anything. I’ve ordered some buttons from ebay (zomg h4xx0rz) to make shoulder straps to the back.


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