More Vegan Cooking, Wildflowers, and Never Take Advice on Pronunciation from a North American

12 April 2014 at 17:47 (Plastic Vegan, Random Randomness) (, , )

Since I got the egg-replacer, I’ve been able to make vegan chocolate chip cookies! Another recipe from Ms Cupcake. The best price I was able to find was in Holland and Barrett, surprisingly, at £3.10 for a box. Cheaper, actually, because it was during the BHP event.

Now these were tricky biscuits (pun intended. MOAR). They totally don’t look cooked when they are, and so we ended up overbaking them. No seriously, even when they are cooked, your finger goes straight through them to the baking tray, they are so soft. But they do firm up when cooled, so bear that in mind if you do try this recipe. They came out a bit too crunchy because of the overbaking, but they tasted nice enough.

Nommy nommy nommy nommy jaffa caaaaaaaaaakes!

It’s all about the cheeseless pizza now! I was able to track down some shiitake mushrooms (which I have to pretentiously pronounce the Japanese way 「椎茸よねー!」). You can’t really see them in the picture. They are very spongey and you can’t slice them as you can button/chestnut mushrooms. I don’t know if the taste was worth spending double the price of chestnut shrooms on, though. Probably not. Anyway, this is homemade pizza base, with tomato puree on the base, with loads of shrooms, sweetcorn and bell pepper. And I don’t miss the cheese one bit! This is a meal that can be truly called healthy, as I’m getting some 3 portions of veg on there.

Oh yummy, what are these…


Oh, it’s cinnamon rolls!

Yummy yummy yummy yummy cinnamon rollllllllllls!

The recipe is from VeganRicha. Since I only have easy-bake/fast-action yeast, I just mixed up all the dry ingredients, then added the oil and lastly the warmed water/Koko Dairy Free. And they turned out okay, except that another site said when using instant yeast (I assumed that’s what the north americans call easy-bake?) to reduce the yeast by 20% so I did and they didn’t rise as much as I’d have liked. The next time I made them (yesterday, in fact) I used the full 1.5 tsp and they rose fine. For the flour, first time I used only bread flour and plain flour. Yesterday’s batch, I used spelt flour in place of the plain. And that seemed to work okay, except I didn’t use as much sugar in the filling, cos I was too lazy to measure, so they turned out kinda dry. I so fail at this.

Looks like I didn’t take any pictures of the finished product — maybe because I was too busy eating it!
These are vegan cannellini burgers. The recipe is from I adapted it ever so slightly, and I think it would benefit from the addition of sweetcorn. Because sweetcorn makes everything better… I didn’t bother with the faux-animal stuff. It is thanks to these burgers that I have somehow persuaded myself that lettuce isn’t just for budgies.

Speaking of lettuce, none of the local supermarkets sell Lamb’s Lettuce, so I’ve having to grow some myself. I finally have 1 seed germinating, after almost 2 weeks of waiting. I just hope I can keep it protected from the slugs once it’s too big to be covered.

Some other stuff I’m growing:
Morning Glory – Early Call
Too early to say what colour I’ll get but I have a feeling it’ll be blue. My mum was complaining that none of her morning glories were germinating, so I had to show her how it’s done and it seems now we are going to have a garden dominated by Heavenly Blues and one Early Call. I also have a Passiflora growing outside yay! I’ve wanted one for ages, and a month or so ago I found one in Morrisons for £2 so I just got it.

Grown from my last 3 year old basil’s seeds. Looked like they all germinated so I had to ruthlessly do away with most. I put two out in my wildflower windowbox and it seems the garden birds got to it, because there was no sign of slug slime, but every day, more and more would be eaten away until nothing remained. I have another one in the kitchen doing well, and these two are for my idiots (budgies).

Took a while, but they are growing! I have more wildflowers in the garden and inshallah I’ll have a lovely mix of plants this year!

Now what I was saying about pronunciation: never again will I ask a north american for advise on pronouncing anything.

You know how I’m a fan of the Clarice Bean books right? And I always read the name as CLA-riss. I mean, that’s how it looks. And it sounds really nice, so I stole the name for my AD&D character. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know the meaning, only when I looked it up on babynamesworld, I saw the pronunciation: klah REES

I was like: whaaaaaaaaa?!?!?! And it sounds horrible, like grease. A few more internet searches showed the same thing, so I asked a Canadian friend if she would pronounce the “ice” of Clarice like you would with “Alice” and she told me, “Only if you would pronounce Alice as A-leese”. And that is why I had to change Clarice’s name to Clarys.

Only since then I have heard, on more than one occasion, people saying Clarice Cliff and pronouncing it they way I originally did. So I did a more specific search for pronouncing Clarice Cliff and found this:

I was right all along, and she made me change the spelling for nothing, because I don’t like spelling it with a -rys, but I didn’t want people calling her Clareeeeeeeeese so I’m thinking, it’s been many years, but I think she is going to revert back to being good old Clarice.

See? Never get pronunciation advice from someone who thinks it’s okay to pronounce lever as “levver” and doesn’t know how many “i”s are in aluminium.

And I bet you 16 cinnamon buns I am right about “Mila” as well.


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