Delta Goodrem Hailing her Elite Masters?

12 Apr 2014 at 18:33 (Random Randomness) (, , , )

A very strange old video from Delta Goodrem, before she hit the big time. Screenshots to follow:

Some weird triangle-obsession going on here.

Here we go. She starts off with looking through a triangle…

… okay, so she’s supposed to be framing a scene; I get it. But I don’t remember triangular TV screens being fashionable or even in existence back then or, well, EVER. If you’re gonna frame a scene, you’re going to form a rectangle, right? How is a triangle going to be of any use?

Oh dear. Oh dear, this is bad. Now it’s an eye in a triangle…

I think the hidden eye thing in this shot was probably coincidental here. But the camera sort of implies that the framing was for a camera screen, so the triangle frame is really baffling.

Ehhhh, in case you missed it the first time.

Yeah, it pretty much continues in this vein.



And a final view of the all-seeing eye in a pyramid.

Now to be honest, I really have no idea what to think of this. I don’t remember ever seeing anything to suggest she’s in with the dark side. You know, on the one hand:

At the age of 15, Goodrem signed a record deal with Sony and began work on an album of pop-dance songs including the unsuccessful debut single, “I Don’t Care”, which peaked at number sixty four on the ARIA Singles Chart in November 2001. The album and proposed second single “A Year Ago Today” were pushed aside as a result, allowing Goodrem and Sony to re-evaluate her future musical direction.
-From Snikipedia

… she could really have done with a helping hand. Her Neighbours stint was just one extended ad for her music; she was a pretty bland actress.

On the other hand, maybe she just really likes looking through triangles.

She seems like a really nice person and hasn’t gone down the route of other puppets like Rihanna and Britney, so I have no idea. Something sinister, or am I just looking too deeply into things?

PS I have to get one thing off my chest: after listening to a few of her 10th anniversary re-records, I have to say she is the only person I know who can butcher their own songs. When did her voice break? She sung so nicely before, now it’s like she’s got phlegm, she sings so throatily.

Put your petrol cans down, fangirls, I’m sure she can take the criticism.


  1. Anonymous said,

    why delta………why delta……………….

  2. Mark said,

    one of the worst MK ULTRA, illuminatia proponents ever and soon biggest to fall

    • Silver Arrows said,

      Really? She’s not so high profile here anymore. Any reason to think she’s worse than Beyonce/JayZ, Katy Perry and the like?

  3. Axl said,

    Well, I’m deleting her music off my iTunes now. Can’t believe there’s so many satanic sellouts when you google all your favourite music ‘artists’ and celebrities… so sad.

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