Knitting Spree!

15 December 2013 at 18:32 (Random Randomness) (, )

I’ve been into knitting on and off since about the age of 8 — mostly off. A few years back I did make a scarf and a few arm socks (arm warmers, really), but the knitting bug is back and I’ve been a bit more ambitious this time round.

The book I used to learn: Usborne Knitting from Start to Finish

Starting off with…

Pink and black scarf for Mimu on the left. I kept wondering why my scarves always curled. Unfortunately the book doesn’t mention that stocking stitch will always curl to a greater or lesser extent unless you border it. For things which are going to be seamed though, it’s fine. The collar on the right was supposed to be a baby hat, but it all went wrong. My moss stitch turned into ribbing and the rest of it was all of a muddle. It ended up turning into a dress, and when that failed too, it turned into a woolly collar 🙄

I thought, never again with the hats, but found a simpler pattern and…

Baby hat!

One more attempt…

Success! It’s a bit big for the baby, and he hates it, but it looks okay, so 😀

Next project: dollie scarf and wristband in moss stitch for Molly.

Cal finally gets a decent outfit. Couldn’t figure out how to make the arm holes and neck without stitch holders, so I had to make straps. Meh, I think it’s okay, considering. And it’s nice and warm for winter, so there.

Never again: scarf in stocking stitch. A 2-stitch garter border wasn’t enough to stop the curl 🙄 Scarves are easy to make but they take soooooooo long!

A Tingy — patchwork quilt for my baby. I could have done a better job in seaming it. *sigh* Baby doesn’t like it anyway.

Phone cover for my sister to match her baby’s hat 😀 Surprisingly it actually fits.

Next projects: I want to make some human-sized wristbands, and also I need to make the hat and mittens set for my other brats.

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