Where are my Sims’ eyes?!

14 August 2013 at 22:51 (Random Randomness, Sims 2)

When I migrated my Sims 2 savegames over to my netbook, I had another clearout of all the CC I thought I didn’t need. One area that got nuked was the custom eyes. Cos I just don’t need that many. I’d gone on a downloading spree for eyes in the early days, before I knew about default replacements, and that meant most of storytelling sims ended up with custom eyes.

Which I have now cleared out. So my Sims have the awful Maxis brown eyes, because that’s what’s left behind on the skintone.

There is a way to fix this using Simpe. I’ve cribbed this from MsBarrows’s method, but this is only for Sims who have lost their custom eye colour. Here’s how to switch them to Maxis defaults, which you can then over-ride with default replacements: http://wp.me/P5tcJ-GV
yay tutorial!

Ew ew, Maxis eyes!


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