Story Updates

14 August 2013 at 22:05 (Random Randomness, Screenshots, Sims 2) ()

I’ve been looking over Jasmine’s story and realising how awful it is in places 😀

So, yeah, I’m seriously late to my own party. Do you know who Jasmine is? No, of course not. You’re here for Selene and Endymion, aren’t you?

Well, for the sake of my own peace of mind, I’m starting to update the existing chapters. The writing was really bad in some places, so I hope I’ve cut the worst offenders. The bit that bugged me most was the opening scene of chapter two. So that’s been cut and integrated into the scene with Saffron. Page count has only gone down by two, but at least it doesn’t drag quite so much at the beginning.

I’m trying to keep Jasmine’s hairstyle more consistent this time. I don’t know why I keep getting the urge to change her hair! I’m still having to fight it now! Twitchy fingers, STOP! I’m redoing the worst screenshots from parts 1-3. Once I’ve ironed out everything that’s bugging me, I’ll move onto the next three.

I’m not quite au fait with screenie-ing (or as I now say: AGENT PIXIE-ing!!) these days. I remember knowing the pose hacks almost off by heart in those days. *sigh* Here are some out-takes and a few actual in-takes 😀

Has the better graphics card made a difference? The images seem clearer to me. What do you think?

Okay, so after a bit of research (ie looking on autotrader), I discovered that the Gallardo costs up to 10x more than an Elise. I had no idea Elises were so cheap (relatively speaking). Although I think the Europa S actually looks nicer. Anyway, Ash is rich, but not THAT rich. So it makes more sense for him to have bought an Elise. Which, duh, he should have done in version 1, since it was her fave car from the start.


See? And it’s not like I didn’t have the mesh for the Elise at the time. If Jasmine had a daughter, she would definitely name her Elise. This is not a clue, by the way. Or maybe it is 😉


So anyway, what does this mean? It means I’m seriously considering giving poor Jasmine her last chapter. How long has that girl been in police custody? Years now, poor thing. But because I am so badly organised, I’m going to have to remember how the story went. I am a terrible planner and did not write any notes on the plot. So bear with me, but maybe I’ll have something for you by the end of the year.

(Assuming anyone even remembers who Jasmine is, and why they care.)


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