Sims 2 Seasons

7 July 2013 at 19:05 (Random Randomness, Screenshots, Sims 2) ()

W000o0o0ho0ho000o0o00000! You know Seasons is the one EP I really wanted. Uni I wanted for the Hang Out interaction for my stories, NL for the cars (although it also seemed the funnest out of the ones my poor XP box could handle) and OFB for no other reason than that I wanted the Magisplay tray for my screenies, which is kind of ironic, since I only bought it recently, long after I retired from Sim storytelling. But Seasons was the one I really wanted.

So despite my super-slow processor, the amazingly great graphics card (compared to the CCLOCIC) means I can actually play it! So I bought a copy second-hand (didn’t I say no more of my money is going to be used to pay SHERRIE DANDAN’S wages?). I eagerly opened the box, then thought: Oh wait, this is EA we’re talking about. Checked the back of the disc and ZOMGNOWAIZ! “Sony DADC”! Gaaaaah!

So there followed a few days’ agonising. Do I install it or not? Will I be signing away my poor netbook to the ebil that is Sony once more? Eh, no. To be honest, I can’t really say if it is infected or not. I ran it straight off the crack, of course. But no cmdline thingy and no Securom in my registry. So I think I’m good. There was a post by Tchannie @ MATY where she says she has the DADC on the back of her discs and she can haz no Securom. So I took the chance and installed it.

All right, enough of my life story. You want pictures, right? Even if I’m, what, 6 years late to the party?

Stargazing in the snow

And again

Those tomatoes won’t last long

Snowball fight

Ooh, Mr Snowman. Where’ve I seen you before?



Mummy! I’ve got hypothermia!

More snowman-building

Snow angel-making

This has nothing to do with Seasons. I just like it.

Pool slide


What happens when you put two sims in the photo booth. There’s some serious hybridisation going on there.

Eh heh heh



Snowball-fighting again


No! Monarch butterflies :O

Ready set



Sweeping leaves

And playing with them

That’s all!


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