Etrian Odyssey II

10 May 2013 at 22:57 (Random Randomness) (, )

I didn’t think any game could be as annoying as Etrian Odyssey (apart from May’s Mysteries, which is THE absolute worst game I have ever played). Oh, how wrong I was. Etrian Odyssey was annoying, but at least it was beatable.

I have actually given up on Etrian Odyssey II, at the last level of the 5th Stratum. Another thing, they killed the handsum paladin. You see, now I have actually grown very fond of the first game.

UK password is not even compatible with this, since none of the sequels have been released here 😦 My guild is destined to be forever an unknown 😦

They changed the skill sets in II. Immunise is gone for one thing, so has Relaxing, and the class names have changed for Samurai and Bard. Lame. Here’s team 2:

  • Eddie – Protector Lvl 70
    • HP Up Lvl 10
    • TP Up Lvl 10
    • STR Up Lvl 10
    • VIT Up Lvl 10
    • AGI Up Lvl 10
    • Shields Lvl 10
    • HP Regen Lvl 4
    • Smite Lvl 5
    • Anti-fire Lvl 3
  • Phoenix – Landsknecht Lvl 69
    • HP Up Lvl 10
    • TP Up Lvl 1
    • STR Up Lvl 10
    • TEC Up Lvl 6
    • VIT Up Lvl 10
    • AGI Up Lvl 7
    • LUC Up Lvl 1
    • Swords Lvl 5
    • Axes Lvl 5
    • 2-Hit Lvl 10
    • Deathaxe Lvl 6 (she’s an axe-wielder this time)
  • Alex-kun – Bard Lvl 65
    • HP Up Lvl 10
    • TP Up Lvl 2
    • Str Up Lvl 10
    • TEC Up Lvl 1
    • VIT Up Lvl 10
    • AGI Up Lvl 1
    • Songs Lvl 7
    • Bravery Lvl 2
    • Shelter Lvl 8
    • Blaze Lvl 2
    • Frost LVl 2
    • Shock Lvl 4
    • Nihilo Lvl 2
    • Health Lvl 3
    • Recovery Lvl 1
  • Ferys – Gunner Lvl 54
    • HP Up Lvl 10
    • TP Up Lvl 3
    • Vit Up Lvl 9
    • AGI Up Lvl 5
    • Guns Lvl 10
    • 2-Hit Lvl 10
    • Weakshot Lvl 2
    • Fireshot Lvl 1
    • Iceshot Lvl 1
    • Voltshot Lvl 3
    • Wildshot Lvl 2
  • Clarys – Medic Lvl 70
    • HP Up Lvl 3
    • TP Up Lvl 10
    • TEC Up Lvl 10
    • VIT Up Lvl 8
    • Healer Lvl 8
    • Patch Up Lvl 6
    • TP Regen Lvl 5
    • Cure 2 Lvl 4
    • Salve 2 Lvl 4
    • Revive Lvl 1
    • Refresh Lvl 8
    • Purify Lvl 5
  • Bit players:

    Rivan (Survivalist), Alicia (Samurai – She’s Clarys’s mum, in case you’re wondering), Zephyr (Alchemist)

    Another thing that’s annoying is that my characters’ accuracy was awful. At least in the first game, you died fighting. This game, you die because not one of your characters’ attacks actually land. Which means you have to invest loads of skill points into raising Agility, to get a hit-rate of about 60%. What a waste. On the other hand, some of the skills are better. The joke that was H.Touch is now a pretty decent Boost skill, and TP Regen now only needs 5 points to max, rather than the pointless 10, where you had to invest 2 points per 1 TP regen gain.

    There are some decent shortcuts as well, where you can now use the L and R buttons to strafe. It also means if you have your back to a wall when attacked by a FOE, you have no hope of escaping the battle. In the Y menu, you can also use L and R to scroll through your players’ status, skills, etc, which is nice. You also get suspend-saves during exploration. But they killed the paladin. They killed the paladin. THEY KILLED THE PALADIN!!!!!!!

    Anyway, 23F. I can’t kill the boss. I don’t think I even particularly want to. Sure, what harm is he doing down there. If it is a he. I can’t remember. This game is too masochistic. I can’t handle it.


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