Bridge to the Logic Fail

31 March 2013 at 16:03 (Ace Attorney, Random Randomness) (, , )

I’ve been replaying the Phoenix Wright trilogy recently, but there are just so many things in there that bug me. It seems beat me to most of them, but having just finished Bridge to the Turnabout, there is one massive logic fail, I wonder how no one noticed it?

I understand that for the sake of storyline, sometimes you have to have some degree of logic-fail, but this is just monumentally stupid! The following contains spoilers!

All right, so what happened was: Morgan Fey hatched a plan to have Pearl channel Dahlia Hawthorne, who would then kill Maya. That would then leave the way clear for Pearl to become the next Master. A’right, that’s a decent plan.

Actually, no, it isn’t. Doesn’t she remember her last plot to do away with Maya? If she knew then that a spirit medium who commits murder while channelling would still be the one found guilty of murder, then doesn’t that mean that Pearl, if caught, would be the one found guilty of murdering Maya? But this precedent seems to have eluded her, even though that case was the one that landed her behind bars and on death row.

Perhaps she is just getting senile.

Morgan’s other fail was that Godot overheard her telling Pearl where the instructions were hidden and so he got to them first.

How did he manage to hide in the visitor’s room without anyone’s noticing? I suppose it’s possible he had access to the camera footage and heard it there.

Okay, so somehow or other, Godot learned of the location of the murder plans. So what does he do? Surely in that situation one would think: I’m holding a letter detailing a murder plot. The best thing to do is to stop this plan from happening. I’ll take it to the cops and warn Maya about the plot. If necessary I can plant some harmless fake plans for Pearl in case she reports back to Morgan that the plans are missing. This way, the risk to all concerned will be minimised and no one need lose their life.

Surely that’s what you’d think???

No, instead, he replaces the plans, keeps everyone in the dark, and decides the best course of action is to let the plan go ahead, and do a spot of patchy damage-limitation afterwards.


And THAT’S your excuse for such a massive logic-fail?

Another thing that doesn’t make sense is that Dahlia thought that it was Pearl who was channelling her. Being a Fey, and keeping in contact with Iris who lived at a channelling dojo, Dahlia would know something about channelling. You’d think she’d know that if she was being channelled by Pearl, at the very least she’d have Pearl’s light brown hair and not Maya’s black hair? (The clothes should also have been too small, although there’s the possibility that Pearl could have changed into adult-sized clothes before the channelling.)

So Godot may have his ego-trip as an excuse for his logic-fail, but surely a mother would not recklessly endanger her daughter’s life? See, even Misty Fey’s damage-limitation was full of fail. As a mother, she would surely have taken Maya out of that situation from the very moment she knew of it, not go along with some half-baked plan of revenge. See, why on Earth would she think that summoning Dahlia would in any way help their case? All it would mean is that Dahlia would kill Maya using Misty’s body rather than Pearl’s.

Surely, knowing what she did, she should have had Godot lock her somewhere secure, as Maya had the sense to do (well, it was Mia’s idea) before channelling Dahlia? I mean, she could have even abseiled down to that ledge and channelled Dahlia there so she’d be stuck. Seriously, how stupid are these people? No wonder Kurain is in such a mess.



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  1. Mihane said,

    Wow, you actually have a point. I never actually thought that deeply into it, but yeah! You’re right! O_O

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