Page 24 — First-Years and Rookies

30 December 2012 at 21:41 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

Notes: I’m not even sure I translated the title correctly (doesn’t “first-year” and “rookie” pretty much mean the same thing? Also the kanji for rookie actually says shinjin 新人, which means “new face, newcomer”, but they’ve appended “rookie” as the furigana for it. Confused). Anyway, in the Japanese version, Payne’s name is Auchi, which is a play on “Ouch”, hence Payne/pain.


Round 9 — May 2005 Issue

Edgeworth: This seat is free, I presume?

Maya: Well, it is the courthouse cafeteria. You’re more than welcome to sit here.

Phoenix: I have bad memories of this place. That’s why I tend not to come here so often.

Maya: So do you ever occasionally, you know, have good memories of something, Nick?

Phoenix: It’s April, isn’t it? This year, too, it’s the time of year when all the rookies start coming to the courthouse.

Maya: This time, there really are an awful lot of people coming to the courthouse, huh?

Edgeworth: Certainly, there are many of my fellow prosecutors here, whose names I don’t even remember. It happens a lot.

Phoenix: At any rate, I’d really rather not remember my days as a rookie.

maya Eh? What happened? You still have bad memories of your client?

phoenix At any rate, it was a terrible debut.

Edgeworth: Ahh, as I recall… your first client was Larry Butz. What a guy…

Phoenix: And I’ve read the case files for YOUR first trial, too. That guy on death row…

Maya: Harry Butz was on death row..?

Edgeworth: At that time, we’d just dealt with a horrendous case.

Maya: Ahhh… is that right?

Edgeworth: However, no sooner had I dealt with that case, than I had to deal with another.

Maya: Mr Edgeworth, you must have had a really tough time with that, huh?

Edgeworth: The case itself wasn’t complicated. The criminal had given himself up, after all.

Maya: Huh? For real?! Why?

Edgeworth: There was a case that went unsolved. 15 years ago.

Phoenix: F-fifteen? The statute of limitations would be just about up, no?

Edgeworth: For now, I’m reading the court records… but it’s painful.

Maya: I see.

Edgeworth: They missed something in the investigation, and there was a mistake when assembling the case. Taking the wrong evidence by mistake, the prosecution’s closing statement didn’t make sense. Somehow, I ended up being thoroughly slated.

Maya: All the same, you would expect that if you took the wrong evidence by mistake.

Payne: Ahh. If it isn’t Mr Edgeworth.

edgeworth Ah… Hello.

That’s all I have at the moment. The rest will come sometime. Also, this is from over a year ago, so I knew a lot less grammar then than I do now, so please be patient while I update 🙂


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