Page 24 — First-Years and Rookies

30 December 2012 at 21:41 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

Notes: In the Japanese version, Payne’s name is Auchi, which is a play on “Ouch”, hence Payne/pain. The puns at the end are “Couch” and “Pouch”, which I tried to make funny English equivalents of in this localisation.


First-Years and Rookies.

Round 9 — May 2005 Issue

Spring has arrived, and it appears to be the time when many people are starting their new lives. On this occasion, Phoenix and Maya are waiting in the cafeteria, when Prosecutor Edgeworth appears before them. They go from talking about rookies, to talking about a person from the distant past?!

Edgeworth: This seat is free, I presume?

Maya: Well, it is the courthouse cafeteria. You’re more than welcome to sit here.

Phoenix: I have bad memories of this place. They’re only just starting to fade.

Maya: So do you ever occasionally, you know, have good memories of something, Nick?

Phoenix: It’s April, isn’t it? This year, too, it’s the time of year when all the rookies start coming to the courthouse.

Maya: This time, there really are an awful lot of people coming to the courthouse, huh?

Edgeworth: Certainly, there are fellow prosecutors here whose names I don’t even remember. It happens a lot.

Phoenix: At any rate, I’d really rather not remember my days as a rookie.

Maya gulp Eh? What happened? You have bad memories of your victory?

Phoenix sweating bullets At any rate, it was a terrible debut.

Edgeworth: Ahh, as I recall… your first client was Larry Butz. What a guy…

Phoenix: And I’ve read the case files for your first trial, too. That guy on death row…

Maya: Harry Butz was on death row..?

Edgeworth: At that time, we’d just dealt with a horrendous case.

Maya: Ahhh… is that right?

Edgeworth: As I remember, it was the second case I dealt with too, and it was a very serious affair.

Maya: Even you have had really difficult cases, Prosecutor Edgeworth?

Edgeworth: The case itself wasn’t complicated. The criminal had given himself up, after all.

Maya: Huh? For real?! Why?

Edgeworth: There was a case that went unsolved. 15 years ago.

Phoenix: F-fifteen? The statute of limitations would be just about up, no?

Edgeworth: For now, I’m reading the court records… but it’s very painful.

Maya: I see.

Edgeworth: They missed something in the investigation, and there was a mistake when assembling the case. Taking the wrong evidence by mistake, the prosecution’s closing statement didn’t make sense. Somehow, this has hit me hard.

Maya: For sure, you’d never take the wrong evidence by mistake.

Payne: Well, if it isn’t Mr Edgeworth.

Edgey serious Ah… Hello.

Payne: It’s rookie time, hm? When people get their bitter memories. Ah, look here! It’s Mr Wright.

Phoenix thinking Ah, um, please, sit down.

Payne: Well. There’s no need for you two to be so formal. Please feel at ease.

Phoenix: Y-yes.

Payne: So what year are you in, now?

Phoenix: I’m on my third year, now.

Edgeworth: I’m in my sixth year.

Payne: Me, well… let’s see. This year will be my 20th round.

Phoenix: 20th round? “Round”? Why do you say that?

Payne normal Well, this is only as far as I’m concerned. It is still spring, the season that’s forgotten.

Maya worried Huh? It seems that what you’re saying is a hint?

Payne: That was the April I was 33 years old. I was a rookie back then, and my first time at court was to deal with a murder case.

Maya: You and Nick both.

Payne: I made a promise to the victim’s family. “I will surely have the criminal found guilty!”

Maya: Wow! Super cool! And then?

Payne: I was naïve. I became desperate, but… I was defeated. The case was left unsolved.

Maya: Oh, so that’s how it went.

Payne: As for me then, after court was adjourned, I made the mistake of walking up to the victim’s family.

Maya: To ask for forgiveness?

Payne: I had iced water thrown at my head.

Phoenix: So not just “water”, but something that has a deeper meaning.

Payne: The next year’s April, I visited the victim’s family. Again, I was splashed with ice water.

Maya: N-no way! Every year?

Payne sweating bullets Now, it’s this family’s annual event. The corners of the ice hit my forehead the most and I end up feeling faint.

Maya thinking If you go in February, you’d only end up getting hit by beans instead.

Payne: Even if you become a veteran, you must never forget your original intention… You’d do well to remember that.

Maya: Hmmmm, very wise words!

Phoenix: But everyone is saying that.

Payne: Let’s see. I wonder if I will go this year, too. To my 20th round of “spring” greeting.

Maya: Aaand he’s gone.

Phoenix: By the way, Edgeworth. That story you were just telling us.

Edgeworth: What about it?

Phoenix: The name of that senior prosecutor who made that massive failure. What did you say it was?

Edgeworth: If I recall correctly, it was “Payne”, I think, but I can’t remember his face at all.

Phoenix: Payne…

Maya: You know of him?

Phoenix: Nope, never heard of him.

Edgeworth: Or perhaps it could have been “Stain”.

Maya: I think more likely it was probably “Slain”.

Phoenix thinking Prosecutor Slain. I don’t suppose he comes with a pin?

Edgeworth grin Well I don’t suppose that prosecutor lasted very long anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever met him.

Maya considering Hmmm, this world is a very harsh place.


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