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1 December 2012 at 19:26 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

Notes: This one was pretty easy to translate; it was the localisation that got me! The best substitutes I could do for the countries were: China becomes Canada (I have no idea what their burgers are like), Shikoku (one of the islands of Japan, which really does look like a squashed Australia) becomes Hawaii and Las Vegas becomes Monte Carlo, which doesn’t even make sense, does it? The CSI reference goes out the window, all because LA and Las Vegas are too near to each other. Also, the reason there is no photo to go with this one is that there was no illustration, so I didn’t think it was worth posting the photo.

Round 15 — November 2005 Issue

Ema Skye, who has not been to the Wright & Co. Law Offices for a long time, meets with Maya and Pearl for the first time, and they immediately hit it off. With all the commotion, is it any wonder Phoenix is getting a little flummoxed?!

ema Ah. Ahem. Hello.

mayaAh! Come in, come in! You’re Ema, I presume?

Ema: Whoa! Ms Maya Fey! In the flesh!

Maya: Oh, there’s no need to be formal! Make yourself at home.

pearl Welcome. My name is Pearl Fey.

Ema: Awww! So cute! You’re both always working so diligently, in the game.

Pearl: Oh no, I still have such a long way to go. Ah. Now, we will call Mr Nick.

Ema: “N-Nick?”

Maya: Huh? Ema, what did you call him, then?

Ema: Well, he was always “Mr Wright” to me.

Maya: Oh he doesn’t deserve to be called so respectfully. From now on, he’s Nick.

Ema: Right! Got it! From henceforth, he shall be “Nick”!

phoenix I daresay I’m being selfish, but I’d really prefer it if you didn’t call me that.

Maya: Ah, Nick. Look, Ema’s come to see us!

Ema: Long time no see, Nick!

Phoenix: … It’s refreshing to see your having adapted so well, Ema…

Ema: I’m really obliged to you for all the help you gave in my sister’s case!

Phoenix: Not at all, not at all. So what’s happening today?

Ema: To celebrate the release of “Rise from the Ashes”, Maya had the idea of holding a launch party.

Phoenix: Oh that’s cool. That’s why we just now bought a cake…

Maya: What did you say? We might as well do that! A trip! Yay! Let’s go on a trip!

Pearl: Yay! I can’t wait! A trip!

Phoenix: Um… hey, wait a sec. I’m actually kinda busy today.

Maya: Oooh, I want to go to Europe! Europe! Yay!

Phoenix: But that’s abroad!

Maya: Well, duh. If we’re talking about holidays, then it’s got to be Europe!

Pearl: Oh great idea, Mystic Maya!

ema Ah. I thought such a thing would happen, so I brought with me this world map!

maya Oh great idea, Ema!

Phoenix:… Are you guys serious?

Maya: Huh? Where is Europe on this thing?

Ema: Let’s see. It’s just at this point here.

Maya: Oh, I see. Is there somewhere nearer that we can go to?

Pearl: Let’s see. If you go straight up from Los Angeles, you get a shortcut to Canada.

Maya: Oh if we’re talking about Canada, I hear they make the best burgers there!

Pearl: Oh Mystic Maya, as usual you’re so well-informed!

Maya: All righty then, we’ll eat our lunch there.

phoenix That is one surreal plan.

Maya: By the way, Ema, is there a place that you’d particularly like to go to?

Ema: Well, Monte Carlo is a place I’ve wanted to see for a while.

Phoenix: Ehhh. For the casinos?

Maya: Cool, huh? I think I’d be pretty good at gambling, me.

Ema: Oh that’s not it. See — there’s a famous scientific investigation team there.

Maya: Surely every day there would be something like a TV drama, huh?

Ema: Well, just in case, I’ve prepared a greeting and a speech.

Maya: On the way back, we can have a wild time at the casinos. Pearly, how much money do you have?

Pearl: $6!

Maya: I have 50¢. On this occasion, we’ll have to rely on the price-earnings ratio.

Ema: By the way, Pearl, is there somewhere you’d like to go?

Pearl: Me..? Let’s see. Maybe perhaps Hawaii would be nice to go to?

Phoenix: Well, at least the distance has suddenly reduced.

Pearl: Well, I just sort of saw it by chance and picked it. Look. Here.

Ema: Oh! This is… Australia, right?

Pearl: Australia? That’s not part of Hawaii, is it?

phoenix Umm… If you look at it closely, it does actually sort of look like Big Island. The shape…

Pearl: Well, I also thought it was a bit strange. This isn’t the place where Hawaii should be…

Ema: Ahh, well. While we’re at it, Nick, do you have any dreams?

Phoenix: Right now, I’m far too busy. This office is in the middle of a launch party…

Maya: All right, well. First we’ll stick this map on to the wall, then we’ll use darts to decide where we’ll go.

Phoenix: Oh because that would be such a cool thing.

Maya: Ema, you do the honours.

Ema: Th-this is such an important responsibility. Okay. *Hup!*

maya Whoa!

Ema: Ah! I missed the map and ended up hitting the wall!

phoenix That’s right. The destination has been decided.

Maya: Eh?

Phoenix: We’ve bought our cake. And this evening, we’re going to have a get-together. In the Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Maya: No way is that going to happen!


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